The Easiest Sale in the World, by Frank Kern

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Today I’m going to give you the exact formula that marketing legend, Frank Kern, used to generate over a quarter of a million dollars per month consistently. 

It’s called the Easiest Sale in the World.

Easiest Sale in the World

According to Frank Kern, if you follow this formula, “…you can make more money than you can spend.” 

Here’s how you get started:

  • Offer a perceived high-value product for free

First step, offer a perceived high-value product for free. I know how crazy that sounds, but stick with it.

  • Sign them up to a continuity trial – “try my stuff instead of buy my stuff”

When they accept your free offer, they also get signed up for a continuity trial.

For the customer, it is more tempting as a prospect to just try out almost for free with the continuity trial. 

I do, however, encourage you to put some dollar value on that continuity.

Don’t make it completely free because you need to make sure that people are willing to spend money before they opt-n to your continuity trial.

So even if it’s a dollar trial, if you can get away with more, absolutely do that, but I’ve had success with $1 trials. I’ve had lots of people sign up. 

The stick rate, in my experience has been between 40 and 60 percent, and I think that is right across the entire industry. 

  • If they cancel, they still get to keep everything for free – risk reversal

So, in order to make them sign up for your continuity trial, you make it clear that even if they cancel, they can still keep everything for free. 

This is risk reversal. 


You’re offering them a high value product for free.

You’re offering them a low ticket continuity trial that doesn’t cost much which gives them a sample of what you’re all about.

And if, after all that, they still cancel, they can still keep everything for free. 

That makes a very compelling offer on its own. 

  • The free product offered must have real-value

The product you give away must have real-world value 

You can’t just make something up.

You have to have something that helps them achieve something, that gives them real value. 

  • The market must be conditioned into accepting continuity offers 

In order to make this work for you, you must be working in a market that is conditioned into accepting continuity offers.

Thankfully, most markets are.

  • Continuity cost should be 30% of the value of giveaway product 

So, the continuity cost, the monthly reoccurring costs that you charge after the trial should be around 30% of the value of the product you give away.

I have tested this extensively, and I have found that if you offer a 70% discount on your offers, your conversion rate will increase. 

I have seen that, and I will show you the data as proof in the near future inside the member’s area, to show the real mechanics on how to really increase your conversion rate.

  • Don’t use PLR as your giveaway – Exclusive is better

Because the product that you’re giving away must have real-world value, we don’t use PLR products. 

If you can use something that is exclusive, that nobody else is going to get, it will increase your conversion rate.

  • Market must have a desire of becoming a part of something – an aspirational group

This is how you’re going to find out if you’re in the right market.

The market must have a desire to become part of something. 

Aspirational groups are one of the real sales motivators that encourage people to buy, because you are bringing them closer to become a part of an aspirational group. 

  • Must be seeking transformation – Want to change/improve 

They must be seeking some type of transformation – they want to change or improve in some way.

 Remember the escape and arrival framework.

  • They must be seeking validation or significance

Significance is such an underused market strategy.

Once you make your prospects feel significant, guess who they turn to and trust – it’s you.

Because you are giving them what they need.

  • Market must want an ongoing education

As part of the transformation and change, they want to keep improving themselves.

  • Market must have something to work towards

If you structure your continuity offer to have levels, so that there is something they keep working towards, you give them a mission of sorts.

You give them something to aim for, because it helps them realize that they’re progressing.

They can see how far they’ve come.

It lets them know that they are improving. 

  • Market must have new developments

Market that you’re involved with must have new developments on a regular basis. 

So if we’re talking about digital marketing, look at all the products that are released every week. 

Think about the way the technology changes. 

All the time we have new improvements that help us.

All the time we have algorithm changes that we need to combat.

  • Must have new people entering market

Market must have new people entering it on a very regular basis.

Think about markets that don’t go out of fashion.

Think about things that people always need.

That’s how you structure the easiest sale in the world.

Think about it, you’re not earning profit one time from one customer here, you’re earning profit every single month.

That means that if you have two customers coming into the first month and you charge them $50, you’re going to make $100 for the first month.

And this amount is only going to increase in the following months for you.

It is going to be continuous.

This is how the masters of marketing increase their revenue month after month after month.

This is called the stick rate.

And what it really comes out to is the percentage of people who stick around inside the continuity cycle program.

You would typically see around 40 to 60 % people stick for around three months. 

That means you’re going to profit every month after that. 

Now you see why a lot of marketers invest a lot of money to get customers through the door. 

Frank Kern was losing $65,000 as investment. As a result of that, he was making over a quarter of a million in revenue every single month after that.

So you see why marketers invest a sizeable amount of money upfront first because they know they’re going to recoup that fairly quickly, and then everything after that is just free money. 

I think you’re going to find this incredibly beneficial when you implement it. 

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