The Syndicate Method: A Top Secret Marketing Strategy ALL Guru’s Use To Become, Well, Guru’s

You’re about to discover a strategy that will help you to grow your audience size, increase your influence and boost your profit margins. I’m going to share a little-known strategy that will help you to at least quadruple these numbers. It’s called the Syndicate Method.

This is often considered a “controversial” marketing method,

How Does the Syndicate Method Work?

Have you ever noticed that the top internet marketing gurus routinely promote each other, instead of just promoting themselves? This is not by coincidence, or merely out of the kindness of their hearts. No, these individuals and businesses spend quite a bit of time and money making sure that this type of marketing happens often and runs smoothly.

The Syndicate Method is fairly easy to understand.

These gurus gather the top-selling and most successful individuals in their industry or market, meet with them privately, and work out a schedule that they’ll use to promote each other throughout the year. Simple, right?

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Not so much. This method has caused some controversy over the years, mostly because it calls for several individuals or businesses to come together with the intent of completing a specific project or monopolizing a particular market. It has been taut as unethical and unfair to both businesses and consumers in the past.

So, I’m going to share an adaptation of this method that will allow you to employ a similar technique, in a less aggressive, less intense and much more ethical way.

Ethical, Simple and Effective Internet Marketing

This technique places the best interests of your audience at the center of your marketing efforts. Even if you aren’t one of the top influencers or sellers in your niche yet, or you don’t know or have the ability to get in touch with these higher-ranked individuals, this method will still help you grow your audience and influence. It is a strategy that can be adapted and used at any stage.

The first and most immediate action you’ll want to take is to create a peer group of like-minded individuals that you would enjoy working or collaborating with.

This does not necessarily need to be an official, tight- knit, invite-only group, and you do not need to set up any meetings or even make your intentions of gathering this list known at all.

Just come up with an initial four to five people that you know share your values and interests when it comes to your work and your audience base. This is absolutely the most important tip I can give you when working this way; make sure they care about their audience base just as much as you care about yours!

This list of individuals should be flexible since it might (and should) change over time, as you and your business grow. If you’re not sure who to include, make a list of your values, ethics and goals.

If you feel that someone fits in with this list and could benefit your audience in some way, even if they are your direct competition, consider them a part of that group.

Get to know these individuals’ area of expertise, their audience size, their values and their mission. Once you learn what they do best, and what they can bring to you and your audience, introduce them to your viewers.

This can be done by mentions, reoccurring appearances, frequent interviews, sharing content or any other way that works for you. Repetition is key here; even if you’re just mentioning their name or a brief message about what they are doing, include them where you can.

By using this strategy, you’re creating a cast of characters that will be mentioned frequently, and a network you can use to build up other businesses within your own space. You’ll be able to help other content creators, bloggers and marketers, which in turn encourages them to start promoting you as well.

You can probably see the similarities between this and the Syndicate Method at this point.

This strategy creates an environment of businesses working together and building up one another.

But in a more relaxed, ethical and simple way. You don’t need to have a formal agreement between individuals to do this, either. It’s well-known that when you do well, those around you do, too. This can be valuable not only to the businesses on one hand, but the audiences on the other.

Using This Knowledge in the Real World

So how can you implement this strategy and make it work for you? Well, you’ll want to do a little research into your network first. For example, if you know someone who works in the SEO industry and has values and content that you think would benefit your audience, make that person a part of your ecosystem.

Whenever you have SEO-relevant content, mention that persons name.

Make them the authority on that topic.

When you’re having your own SEO issues or questions, reach out to them and ask for their opinion, and report that back to your followers. This allows your audience to see that this is an individual you trust to give you great advice and as a result, they will trust this person too.

This can apply to any topic or industry. If Sara is an affiliate marketer, you like the way she conducts business and think that she has more knowledge than you in the field, she should become the authority on all things affiliate marketing within your personal network.

By asking Sara for a quote or a quick lesson on affiliate marketing tactics, you’re bringing her into that carefully created ecosystem. This can be such a powerful and beneficial tool to use to grow your audience and your influence overall.

Of course, this isn’t the only way to consider using marketing to improve your audience. There are other methods that can help you to grow your followers base, increase engagement and maximize your profits.

I offer a free, no-strings-attached training course with three to four secret traffic- improvement methods that can be applied to any field or stage of business. Each method I cover in the training course is my own and I’ve worked hard to curate and share it with you.

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