The Ultimate Way To Drive Free Traffic To Your Affiliate Links

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Today, you will learn the ultimate way to get traffic to your affiliate links, for free.

Today is the seventh module of my free course that I also have been uploading to my YouTube Channel, where I teach you how to build an affiliate marketing business without a website. I’ve also included 6 more ways to get traffic to your affiliate links.

Now, today’s process is very simple. Things tend to work better when we keep them simple. So hopefully, I am going to remove all of the obstacles that might be holding you back. 

The Free Traffic Strategy

This is what you will learn today:

  • Why Amazon is so powerful for driving traffic
  • Find out what people actually want on Amazon
  • Reverse engineer successful pages
  • Make quick eBooks that drive traffic
  • Drive traffic to these pages

Why Amazon is so powerful for driving traffic: 
Amazon really is a powerhouse of traffic generation, if we know how to use it in the right way. I use it primarily to build an email list, but you can use it to promote whatever you like.  

How to find out what people actually want on Amazon:
You are going to learn how to do keyword research, specifically for the website, so you can attract the right type of traffic, that is, traffic that buys.

How to reverse engineer successful pages:
If we take what other people are doing successfully, and we model what we do based on what they are doing, then we should see similar results with all things being equal.

However, it is important to note that we are not copying. We are just being inspired by their work.

How to make quick eBooks that drive traffic:
Now these little Kindle books really are quick and easy to make. I will show you the structure, and how to make them look very professional. 

With eBooks, people keep coming back for more.

The next time you upload one, you have an audience ready to grab it and take the type of action that you want them to, which is obviously to click the links inside these books.

Most people who use Kindle, go for Kindle Unlimited, there you are going to put your little eBooks. Most books in there are short; they are all about the content. It is about delivering value and that is what people use it for. You will use it in a similar way.

You will deliver maximum value to your audience, but without creating these massive, extremely long eBooks.

How to drive traffic to these pages:
We do that by taking advantage of the Amazon algorithm.  I am going to show you how to maximize your traffic there.  

The Power of Amazon for Affiliate Links

If you are not sure how powerful Amazon is, it is actually the 11th most popular website on the planet. In the United States, it is the fourth.

If we have a look at the traffic overview over the last six months, it has consistently received over 2 billion visits every single month, and is increasing. If we have a look at traffic by country, United States get 82% of that traffic followed by Canada, UK, China, and then India. 

It attracts traffic with money to spend; full of buyers who are looking for a solution. Now, the great thing with Amazon is that we have multiple countries all around the world with their own version of Amazon. 

For example, if you want to target just UK traffic, we can have a look at the UK version and take a deep dive into how much traffic is available, but we can also take a dive into other countries.  

We are going to target because it has the widest market available. But we need to find out what people are really searching for on the platform. And thankfully we have multiple ways to find out. One of the best is to use the search bar. 

Let’s say you are in the weight loss niche, and we want to find out what people are really searching for in that niche.  We type in weight loss, and it will give us this list of suggestions. 

That means we could create content for that market considering all of those suggestions.  

Amazon affiliate keywords

We will use the example of weight loss for women. If we target just that key phrase, what we are going to get is the absolute best selling products on Amazon. 

Now, Amazon, just like any other search engine, it has its own algorithm. In addition, what it tends to do is put the highest converting products front and center.  These are going to be the best sellers. You will not be able to compete with those.  What we need to do is drill down a little bit narrower.  

You are not going to be able to just walk in and compete with the top sellers. 

Instead, go to the Kindle Store section. It is still going to get you a massive amount of potential customers because we are slicing things down.

It may still be very competitive, as you would expect with weight loss, but there are some opportunities, we can sneak in and get your content indexed here, hopefully above some of the weaker sellers. In addition, to do that, we really have to drill down into the sub-niche level.

Amazon Kindle Store

Keyword Research for Amazon

Now, we are going to use some external tools to uncover Amazon’s traffic data. 

First, let us go with Ahrefs. They have a free version available, it is called the Keyword Generator, and it is going to allow you to find thousands of keyword ideas in seconds.

You are going to see what people are searching for on Amazon. You can choose the country that you want to target, for this case we go with the United States, and we enter in a keyword. 

I advise you to get as specific as possible. We can see here the search volume in Amazon for any keyword. Your audience is looking for specific strategies and content. That is going to point them in the right direction on Amazon.

They are looking to buy products.  The search volume does not need to be crazy high because if we can get maybe like a 1% conversion rate, we are going to be doing amazingly well and hopefully, you are going to get a lot more than that.

However, even at that level you are going to be making money with your affiliate links.  

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

This other tool is free to use as well, but it does have premium options available.  Its called SpyFu, it’s really simple. We just type in a website address, like Amazon and it is going to bring back a lot of data about the website, but we really need to focus on the SEO research section,  click on that and then go down to top pages.  

It is going to bring us a list of the best performing pages on Amazon. You can apply a filter according to your niche, so you can see the top pages related to your content. We can see their ranking position, the search volume and keyword difficulty. You need a balance between all of those. 

Spy Fu Keywords

Be Inspired By Top Sellers

Really take the time to study why those top pages work so well. Their headlines, the emotional impact, so you could potentially be inspired for the title of your book.

When I say book, I’m not talking about writing 200 pages, I’m talking about making really quick and easy little books that you can just rank fast, move on to the next and then rinse and repeat.  

What I want you to do is think about the actual name, make sure that it has an emotional impact, that it has relevant keywords. Study the page, read the description, make sure that the content that you write is similar in structure. Do not copy, just model.

Amazon Page

Keyword Density Tools

To know how often you should use your keywords in your product descriptions, you can use a tool called Online Keyword Density Checker for SEO; the one that I am using now is from Copyrightly. 

If we put the URL of the Amazon page in here, it is going to bring back a list of all the words being used on that page in order of density. Therefore, we can study the descriptions of the top amazon sellers, the keyword percentage and do the same with our content. 

Use this as a general guide.

If the page mentioned weight loss 10 times, you do not really want to hit that exact percentage. 

Keyword Density Checker

Different keyword density tools might produce different results.

If you go to Keyword Density Analysis Tool, for example, in that page, it will bring back a similar result but will be structured differently. There it is saying that the word weight loss is only mentioned three times with a knot point 42% keyword density.  

Keyword Density Tool

What you need to do is apply a little bit of common sense here.  Obviously, the keywords are going to be mentioned more than three times. The best tool you have available is your brain.  

Take the time to read through all the data on the pages, take the time to read through the reviews, find out what people like about it, find out what they dislike about it, and then make something better. 

Now, obviously you are not going to try to compete with a New York Times’ bestseller. The same way I do not want you to damage other little business.

I am showing you the ones that are somewhat bulletproof, that we do not really have any chance of knocking off and using that as an example.

Then you apply the same techniques to your own content in your own niche. All you really need is just the right keywords, the right content point in front of the right audience. Google loves Amazon. Amazon itself is its own search engine.

Kindle eBook Structure

Let us go ahead and start working on your piece of content now because we are uploading to Kindle. We do not have to make long books or write many pages. In fact, many of the eBooks available are just a few pages long, even seven or ten pages, as long as it delivers good content, because we are going to give these away free.

The real target here is Kindle unlimited users. 

What happens is people will pay a monthly subscription to Amazon in order to access an unlimited number of free Kindle books. You want to target that audience. They are buyers, paying every month. 

So, let us make a Kindle book. I’m going to use Google docs.

First, we need a title.  So let’s think about the keywords. 

We could say weight loss for men over 40; this is not the finished title. It is just something that will make it easy for us to come back and find it later. 

Then, the structure.  We need chapters, right?  Chapter one, two, and three.  We will go with that for the moment. We also need an introduction. The reason why we are adding these chapters is that we want to make it easy for people to read. 

You structure your books with headings, subheadings and content. A quick and easy way to create content is to write it yourself as a list, like top 10s, or you can go on Fiverr and hire someone to do it for you.

We need to add in a table of contents, obligatory.  After we wrote the headlines, we go to insert table of contents, and it will add it automatically. That is a nice professional way to structure your books. 

Google Docs

Finally, we add a new page for our cover. What I do is just push all the content out onto a new page. I keep the table of contents on its own page as well. Then what I like to do is make sure that each chapter heading has its own section.  I will not have two chapter headings on the same page.

We can add our affiliate links in two ways.

One, you can just paste it where it is convenient throughout the content, or you could have a resources section at the bottom of your book, like a list of products, and you need to give your audience a reason to buy it.

There are two ways that we can influence people.

They need a logical reason and an emotional reason.  The logical reason is what they are going to tell other people about why they bought your product, and the emotional reason is why they actually bought it. You need to have both.  

Create your eBook Cover with Canva

For our cover, let us head over to

We look for something like eBook cover, click on that. Now we have loads of templates to choose from. Many of these are free. Use any you like, edit it so it looks appealing, and then just download it, add it to your eBook cover page, and it is ready to publish.


If your eBook is successful, you get good reviews and people enjoy it, then you can think about maybe converting it into a paperback book. Today, just to get you some traffic, we want to go with Kindle eBook.  

Using Ebooks For Affiliate Traffic

When publishing think about the title, the subtitle, and give your audience a reason to download it.  You can publish it under your own name or through a pseudonym, whatever you are comfortable with.

You have 4,000 characters to play with, take advantage, really fill this in give it as much content as you can, that is going to help with how the algorithm decides where to place you. Most of this filling is self-explanatory, you will not be lost.

You can decide on the publishing rights, if it is a public domain work or you want to own the copyright and hold the necessary publishing rights keywords. 

You must consider Amazon’s structure, so you can possible become a bestseller in any of the multiple niche categories the Kindle Store has, and you will do so with the right keywords, and be specific about the categories you want your eBook to belong, they need to be relevant to your content.

Kindle DKP

The important thing to note about this strategy, just as any other strategy is to be consistent.  We do not just rely on a single eBook. As long as we are continuing to deliver value to people, they are going to continue to come back and get these Kindle unlimited books, download them, and buy the stuff that we recommend. You are targeting an enormous audience here.

When you are consistent, you can achieve amazing results. Like my student Matt, he is making millions of dollars online, thanks to my training. 

What’s Next?

If you really are serious about this and you want to grow a profitable internet business, then you are going to need more web traffic. 

I will give you the traffic methods that I use to grow a new website to over 30,000 website visitors every day for free, you can get that entire training when you go to I will hopefully see you again soon, take care.

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