This App Sends 3,000 Visitors a Day

Which platform is rapidly becoming one of the biggest sources of traffic, behind
Google Facebook and Twitter?

Today is traffic Tuesday and I’m going to give you a really easy to use traffic source.

I’m talking about an app called Flipboard.

This is a content discovery platform for iOS and Android.

It aggregates content from around the web, so left to its own devices it creates this mishmash of different content, but it can be niche-specific too – which is really useful to us.

The platform has around 100 million users so there’s a lot of potential for us to take advantage of that traffic.

How to get Traffic from FlipBoard

But how do you do that?

You can put your content in front of people by creating what’s a FlipBoard Magazine and add your content to it.

So what kind of results can you expect from FlipBoard?

Obviously it varies from website to website and from niche to nature – there are just too many variables to give an accurate answer.

But the Shout Me Loud website reported that they’ve received an extra 3,000 visitors in a day from Flipboard.

And Time Inc UK have reported that FlipBoard is now the fourth biggest source of traffic referral that they receive, and that comes behind Google Facebook and Twitter.

This is a platform that we need to be aware of, and we need to bring it into our marketing mix.

How do you take advantage of all that traffic?

It’s really easy.

Shout Me Loud seem to have mastered the platform, so let’s take a lesson from them.

Tips for Best Results

Just like 99% of best practices with content marketing, it’s probably best to share evergreen content.

When you share evergreen content, it’s always going to be relevant to new readers who discover your FlipBoard Magazine.

It’s also advisable to follow the recognised authority figures in your industry.

These are the people most likely to create and share the highest quality content in any given niche.

Also get involved with the community.

Take part in discussions; comment on other people’s content and comment on your own, ask questions and try to encourage discussion on your shares. Become an asset to the community.

And then finally keep an eye on your analytics.

FlipBoard provides us with some pretty good statistics and analytics to help us find out what’s working.

So monitor your stats and do more of that’s working.

There you go for today, its pretty easy traffic strategy that anyone can do.

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