Traffic Source: 4 Million Visitors Per Month

Today I’m going to reveal another source of free traffic – and this one will also give you free backlinks as well.

This is a platform that has got four million visitors per month, and you can tap into that to drive free traffic to your website.

It’s a pretty awesome website called

It allows you to create collections, organise and share your content.

It works in a similar way to Pinterest and practically every niche is covered, so there’s room for everybody.

And the great thing about this website is that when you add content you will also get a backlink – and one that’s indexed by Google.

So here, you get two for the price of one – you’re getting traffic to your website and you’re also getting a solid backlink from a high DA website.

It works like this; you create ‘collections’ and then you add your own relevant content to them.

Simple, right?

Now this alone is a good source of free traffic, but things get really interesting when you team up and add to other people’s collections.

Think of it like a shared board on Pinterest, one that has multiple contributors.

There you go, another source of free traffic and backlinks.


Mick Meaney

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