What Guru’s Never Told You About Making Passive Income Online

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This is the truth about making passive income online. Here’s what those greedy-guru’s will never tell you.

But first, let me ask you something. Does this sound familiar to you?

You like the idea of passive income because… you’ve heard it’s possible to quit your job, fire your boss, only work the hours you choose, and make as much money as you like.

You’ve been told amazing stories about people who make passive income online, but it’s just never clicked into place for you, and now you’re feeling frustrated or confused by the whole thing. And you’re not getting the results you deserve.

Passive Income Failures

Maybe you’ve even tried a few things, like picked an affiliate offer to promote, or a CPA offer. Then you’ve started posting links everywhere you can. Facebook, twitter, forums, random websites, it doesn’t matter. You keep promoting these offers. But what happens? Nothing happens. Hardly anybody clicks on your link. And nobody buys. And because you’re not making any sales, you’re not making money.

I know what that feels like, I was stuck there for a long time too and it felt lousy.

So what’s going on? What are you doing wrong? Why doesn’t any of this stuff work for you? Well, the fact is, it’s not your fault. There’s an industry devoted to selling you bad information. The truth is, you’ve been lied to.
Shady marketers are re-cycling and re-hashing old methods. Most of the time, what used to work years ago, doesn’t work today.

Just think about it.. If it was that easy, then everyone would be doing it.

So, what’s the solution?

Difficult Truths

Well, first, you have to accept a difficult truth. Making passive income online is hard. It’s not going to happen quickly. It is absolutely possible, but it only works if you work. And you need to take massive action. Not just once, but consistently. And you need to keep going, even when you feellike giving up. And man, you’re going to feel like that a lot, at least in the beginning.

And let me tell you, there will be days when you wonder why you’re even doing this. Sometimes you’ll be worried that people will think you’re a bit crazy. And you might want to keep things a secret, until you start seeing some results. I know that’s how I felt anyway.. I felt embarrassed of what people might think about me. And you know what? I kept my website a secret for a long time.

Ok sure, now things are ok, and I make 100% of my income online. But it took me years of failing to do it. I mean, ok, there are exceptions to the rule. But they are far and few between. The fact is, most people never succeed. And that’s because they aren’t willing, or able to put in the work.

And maybe you’ve done this too, I mean, I’ve failed more than most people so much that I’ve practically become an expert in failure.

So does this sound like you?

Have you ever started a project, and didn’t get the results you wanted, as quickly as you wanted? And because of that, you gave up and quit? And then, have you moved onto something else, and start the cycle all over again?

Now, I’ve done that plenty of times. And I’ve met hundreds of other people who’ve spent years in that cycle. But, the crazy thing is, if they just stuck with one idea, and worked on that, day in, day out, for years, they’ll eventually succeed.

The Truth About Making Passive Income

You see, the truth is, making passive income online takes persistence.

I built a website for the first time way back in 1998. And I built my own website in 2004. But I didn’t start making a living from that site until a few years later. It seriously took me around 3 years of solid grind to start making any money.

And even then, it really wasn’t much of a living. It felt more like survival than anything else.

But, it was a start. And from that, lots of amazing things have happened along the way. And I’ve learned that the real secret to succeeding online is to build an audience. You’ve probably heard that before, but what does it actually mean?

And how do you actually build an audience?

Building Your Audience

Well, you have to know what your target audience wants. You have to know how to deliver that to them. And you have to know where they hang out online. It sounds simple, but don’t mistake ‘simple’ for ‘easy’.

It’s easy to find out what they want.

And it’s easy to find out where they hangout.

But it’s not easy to deliver true value to them. To that, you have to understand them at a deep level.

That’s why the best niches are the ones you have experience in. Most newbies will jump into niches like ‘make money online’, or ‘weight loss’ or ‘dating’, when they don’t have that much experience to share. So they don’t really know how to deliver value.

But listen, you don’t have to be an expert. And you don’t need qualifications. All you need is the passion. And it’s that passion that’s going to get you through the days when you feel like quitting. So choose a niche about something you’d do for free. And put “making money’ to one side, at least for a while. When you shift your focus from making money, to delivering value, something amazing happens.

People recognise it. They connect with it. They can see your genuine desire to help. And they’ll trust you.

So, when the time comes to recommend a product that you know will benefit them, chances are, they’ll buy it. And they’ll buy it because they know you’ve got their best interests at heart.

And that means, making passive income online is not about the hours you work, it’s all about the value you deliver.

Let me say that again; it’s all about the value you deliver.

And that’s what’s “passive” about passive income. It doesn’t mean you don’t do any work. It means you put in a lot of work early on, so you can profit later.

So nothing happens overnight. And success isn’t a straight line.

Making Passive Income, Passive

Ok, there are exceptions to the rule, like one of my students called charles. He went full-time, making passive income online, in his first 180 days.

Now, at the time, charles was working a 9 – 5 job. And as you can imagine, he hated his boss. But what he hated even more than his boss, was his alarm clock.

So he decided to do something about it.

He got real.

And he took massive action. But he didn’t want to waste time by making products. And he didn’t want the expense of renting somewhere to store loads of physical products. And he didn’t want the hassle of packaging and shipping products either.

So, he decided to start affiliate marketing because he wouldn’t have to worry about customer support issues. And because he decided to promote digital products, it meant he could earn a very high commission rate.

Now, to become successful, Charles didn’t start linking to affiliate offers. In fact, all of his selling is done behind the scenes. It’s almost invisible. The only people who receive sales messages, are the people he knows are likely to buy.

Think about how powerful that is for a second.

Everybody else who sees Charles online, only ever sees the value he delivers. And people love him for it. People trust him, and he never again has to work in a job he hates, making somebody else rich. He has complete control over his life, his family are proud of him, and he’s seen as a great provider.

And if you want to see the exact strategy Charles uses to get results like this, including the 2 types of marketing, head over to profitcopilot.com/180 and see the case study for yourself.

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