Why you Shouldn’t use Article Spinners

Are article spinners evil? Yes. Should you be using them on your website? No.

I’m gonna tell you why you should not be using them.


First of all they’re unethical.

And it’s a form of plagiarism.

What article spinners is; they take a legitimate article and then swap certain words in an attempt to turn it into a completely new article.

An article spinner can do as many times as you like – and in theory you could end up with 100 badly written articles.

Shockingly there are people out there using them in that way.

Black Hat SEO

They mainly spin these articles to fool the search engines so black hat SEO.

These articles are designed to dupe the search engines into thinking that its original content.

No Value

The third reason is because it doesn’t really provide any value to your readers.

I mean have you read these articles these spun articles?

Most of them are gibberish.

As soon as a visit lands on your website and reads that junk they’re immediately gonna hit the back button.

Google Monitors for Spun Articles

Another reason is because Google is actively looking for spun articles.

Listen Google knows the pattern, they know what a spun article looks like.

And Google is quite an intelligent search engine, they’re using fairly advanced Artificial Intelligence to detect them.

If you think an article spinner can compete against Google then you’re gonna be disappointed.

When they find junk like that on your site Google will possibly demote your content and penalise your site a result.

So I’m gonna leave it there for today, if you’ve found this useful then share it with those who need to know about it.

Mick Meaney

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