3 Ways To Promote Your New Website

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Here are three online communities that you can use to promote your startup, and drive traffic to your website for free.

r/Startups – Reddit

The first one is called startups and it’s a Reddit community, or sub-Reddit. There’s over 500,000 members here, and 300 of them are online right now.

So if you go to Reddit and type in ‘startups’, you’ll find that community and why I’m recommending this one today is because every month they have this new thread, so share your startup. 

So if you want to get some links, if you want to get some really quick exposure for your startup or for your website, posting this thread, have a look at how other people are doing it because adding a bit of detail about their websites, they’re giving people reasons to click on the links.

Follow the rules on here. So it has a very specific structure. So it wants you to put the name, the URL location, your elevator pitch. If you don’t know what an elevator pitch is, it’s a way to sum up your business, what it does in a couple of sentences.

Now, this subreddit in itself is a pretty good resource, but before you use it, go down to startup rules, same for any subreddit. Make sure that you read these and abide by those rules. Because if you get banned from this, that’s gonna prevent you from taking pine any more of these monthly threads. 

People do post content on here. They do share links, but only when it’s relevant to the discussion. So you can’t dive in and just start spamming. Not that you would. You’re smarter than that, but if something is relevant to the discussion and it’s going to add value to the community, then it’s probably going to be okay.

If you go back up to the rules, it tells you how to link to resources. So rule number five, it says sometimes you think the best solution is to, is simply to link to a resource that might answer someone’s question. We want you to be able to link in discussions to relevant content.

This is very important. Write at least a sentence explaining why the link is to the discussion. And obviously you don’t want to put affiliate links in there. 

That’s just never going to work on any website. So that’s the first one learned to use it properly because it can be very real in terms of traffic.

Blogging and Promotion – Facebook

So for the next one, let’s go to Facebook. Here is one of the groups that I really started using a year or so ago.

And I’ve got some pretty good results from it because at the moment, this 27,000 members in this group, and it’s specifically designed for you to share your content. So read the rules. Obviously you can’t post any affiliate links or any links or any promotional stuff, but you can share your content.

Have a look.

People are leaving comments and people are sharing their stuff here, and people are responding to it. They’re engaging with the content. So it’s not just one of those groups where you drop your content. This is about community.

To find this, just go to the search bar in Facebook type in blogging and promotion. In fact, you’re going to find a whole heap of groups, but this one is particularly good.

And listen, if you do find some groups that you find beneficial, let me know, send me an email and I’ll check it out. And then I can give you a shout out and promote your website on my channel.

On Startups – LinkedIn

Let’s go to the next community. And this is one I have just discovered. So it is called “On Startups – The Community For Entrepreneurs”.

I’ve submitted a request to join. That’s how new it is to me, but there’s over 600,000 members in this community. Let me show you why I’m eager to join this. Because if we have a look at the “About this group” section, the goal of the group is to enable people to share useful and relevant content. 

It also says that you can participate by sharing and discussing interesting articles, issues, slides, quotes, videos, reports, basically your content.

So it does require approval. I’m still waiting for approval on my account, but I just thought I had to share it with you because I mean, 600,000 members?

The thing you have to remember when you use in these groups and these communities, it’s just like anything else online, you have to be consistent because consistency is what’s going to get you results over time.

Because when you are consistent, who knows what kind of amazing results you can get?

And if you want to know the secret to growing a popular and profitable online business, you’re going to need more traffic.

So I will give you the traffic methods that I never share anywhere else. You can get them all completely for free when you go to profitcopilot.com/traffic

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