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The 10X Traffic Method will teach you how to easily leverage authority figures, influencers, and thought leaders for mass exposure.

You’ll ethically and legally borrow their credibility and redirect it towards your website, email list, or social media profiles.

You can use this method to:

  • Get more website traffic
  • Build your email list faster
  • Increase sales of own products
  • Promote affiliate offers

I’ll walk you through it step by step.

First, I’ll give you a brief strategy overview and then we’ll go into each of the 4 steps.

Then I’ll break down each component of every step, so you know exactly what to do, in the order you need to do it.

Strategy Overview

You will create a project that’s branded as the ‘most prolific’ or ‘greatest minds of your generation’ for your niche, in the form of special guest interviews.

You can publish this as a series on your website, or as a brand new website if you want more credibility. It doesn’t matter which one you choose because either way you’ll be funnelling traffic into your email list.

And for this strategy to work you need to co-ordinate promotion between multiple influencers, on a specific date.

All must be aware that they will receive exposure for being involved, and be willing to tell their website / email list / social media followers about their involvement with the project.

This is crucial for success.

Ready to delve into Step 1, and begin the outreach stage?

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Influencer Outreach

  • Find niche-relevant influencers to work with
  • Invite them to take part in an interview series
  • Set a publication date & boost desire
  • Ask all influencers the same questions

Find niche-relevant influencers

Use to find relevant influencers, thought leaders, and authority figures that you’d like to work with.

Next you need to contact each of them and invite them to take part in a series of special interviews.

Invite them to take part

Remember that the more high profile an influencer, the most offers they receive every day and might be unresponsive to your proposal. That’s ok, there are plenty of smaller influencers who would love the chance to be seen as one of the geniuses in their industry.

Do ask EVERYONE you’d like to work with but make sure that your expectations are in check. If you can get 5 – 10 influencers onboard then you’re all set. Remember that some might drop out, or agree and then change their mind.

Set a date & boost desire

Once you have everyone onboard set a deadline for publication, this lets them know that you’re serious about the project and there’s a sense urgency around it. Otherwise you might be chasing influencers to get back to you for weeks.

Tell them their website, social media profiles will be included in the interview, and because everyone who’s involved will be promoting the series too, they will receive a healthy spike in traffic for taking part.

Ask the right questions

Next, it’s time to send each influencer the exact same set of questions.

This creates consistency across the series.

Take the time to research the biggest struggles people in your niche face and ask the influencers to help the audience solve them.

For this I like to use the Problem – Solution framework to help me get a clear picture on how to help my audience get results.

Then you can conduct the interview via email, phone, video chat, it doesn’t matter as long as you record it in some way.

Email gives them more time to think about their answers, and possibly allows them to delve into more detail.

You can also easily repurpose the interview, more about that later on.

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Step 2: Professional Branding

  • Choose the right name
  • Decide where to publish
  • Make the right impression

This is the easy bit, but you do have a few choices to make.

Firstly, what are you going to call the interview series?

Choosing the right name

Because you want it to be a desirable project for influencers to get involved with, the name is going to be an essential component – this might be the single most important factor in creating your success.

Now isn’t the time to choose a name that’s clever or vague, it needs to be clear and direct. It also needs to help boost the profile of everyone involved.

This makes the project mutually beneficial and gently strokes the ego of the influencers who take part, so they feel compelled to share it with their audience.

Words like ‘genius’, ‘masters’, ‘most talented’ or ‘gifted’ can help establish authority and hype around the series.

If your series is called “the geniuses of paleo”, then that domain name would be the perfect way to brand it.

Or you maybe branding it as “the masters of X”, “greatest minds in X”, “the most talented X in Y” will help draw influencers to you, and position the project as a definitive guide.

Once you’ve decided on a name you have two more options; publish the series on your own website or create a brand new one specifically for the project.

Publishing on your website

Here you’ll receive exposure not only the series itself, but also to other areas of your website as new visitors explore it and get involved.

The downside to this approach is that fewer influencers are likely to take part because it’s clearly a self-serving project as your website received the majority of the traffic.

Publishing on a new website

Creating a brand new website specifically for the series is, in my opinion, the smart thing to do.

Because it’s a new site, it appears more neutral.

It doesn’t look like you’re obviously benefiting from the traffic that influencers are sending, but I’ll give you a strategy to make sure you do later on.

If you’re going with a brand new site, you just need a single page to started with. On that page you list the influencers that are taking part, with their bio and their website address and social media profiles.

This lets other influencers also see who’ve involved and will act as social proof.

Make sure you have permission to use photos of the people involved.

Make the right impression

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

So make sure you have a professionally designed logo for the project, and your website is clean, easy to use, and is big-free.

A banner image might help convey the right message too.

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Step 3. Hype & Product Launch

  • The pre-launch
  • The launch
  • Monitor results

Once your website is ready, and you have your interviews ready for publication it’s time to hype the launch.


Start by contacting every person involved a couple of days BEFORE the official launch, and remind them of the launch date.

They might want to double-check a few things and make sure the interview reflects them in the best possible light.

Now is the time to ask them to announce the project to their list, to build anticipation about the series.

This will make their email list hungry for it, and will increase traffic levels once the series goes live.

The launch

On the launch day email the influencers and tell them it’s time to send the URL to their audience.

You should also do everything in your power to promote the series on launch day, if everyone else who’s involved can see that you’re doing your part too, they will be more inclined to join in.

Also retweet anyone who promotes the launch, tag people on social media, share their posts, help create buzz around the project – it will all benefit you later on.

Monitor results

Track results At this stage it’s vital that you monitor the results, keep an eye on the metrics inside Google Analytics so you can see where the most traffic is coming from.

This lets you gather important data that you can share later.

A week after the launch it’s a good idea to contact the influencers, thank them for taking part in the series and then show them the results.

This will help them to see that working with you was a good idea, and working with you again would be beneficial, if you decide to pitch another idea in the future.

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Step 4: Traffic Conversion

  • Convert visitors to leads
  • Email list building

So now you’ve learnt how to drive massive amounts of traffic to a website.

That’s all well and good, but how do you REALLY benefit from this?

Convert visitors to leads

Traffic, unless it converts, is a meaningless metric.

So we need all those visitors to TAKE ACTION, right?

The single best way of doing that is to turn them into leads, as email subscribers.

That way you can continue to communicate with them as often as you like, and deliver more value to them, along with pitching the occasional useful product.

Email list building

From the very second you publish anything on the website, even a notification page announcing the project, you should have an opt-in form for people who want to be notified about the launch.

This lets you build an email list straight away, of highly targeted leads who are hungry for more information from you.

But what about after the launch?

Here you can offer a checklist, a PDF, or short ebook that’s packed full of extra resources people can download.

Making profit

Once people subscribe to your email list you can continue to deliver value and pitch relevant products.

I’d encourage you to ONLY pitch once a rapport has been established and you’ve built a level of trust with your subscribers.

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