8 Free Keyword Research Tools For Affiliate Marketers

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Knowing which keywords to use can be confusing and frustrating, so I’m going to show you a quick and easy method to do proficient keyword research.

Today is the 4th module in my free affiliate marketing course.

Previously, we looked at how to build and organize an affiliate marketing business without your own website, how to find your perfect niche, and how to choose the right affiliate products to get more sales, so now, we will learn how to do keyword research at a professional level.

Affiliate Marketing Keyword Criteria

Good keywords must meet the following criteria:

  • Your keywords must see a demand
    There must be people actively looking for said keywords
  • Your keywords must be long tail
    There are short tail keywords, based of one or two words, very general, and there are long tail keywords, which even have more than 5 words and will give you better positioning due to their depth
  • Your keyword must be evergreen
    This means that they are looked for throughout the year, they do not depend on certain trends or seasonality, instead they are of interest 24/7 and that is the best if you want to obtain passive income.
  • Your keywords must have buyer intent
    It is not enough that they are popular or trending, but people need to have the intention of spending money when they search for said keywords or keyphrases.

So, now to the keyword research tools. 

Affiliate Marketing Keyword Research Tools

  • Google
  • Google Trends
  • Ahrefs Keyword Generator
  • SEMrush
  • Answer The Public
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Reddit Keyword Research Tool
  • UberSuggest

You don’t need to use all of these. I want to show you what all your options are, and you can decide for yourself which ones suit your needs best.

I’ll explain how to use each one of these keyword research tools.


We can start looking for some short tail keywords such as “weight loss”, and before clicking, Google will show us a potential list of ideas to transform it into a long tail keyword.

People are actually searching for the keywords Google is showing. You have to take into account that Google considers your personal searches to show you this recommended list of keywords, so to get the purest results, you need to use an incognito browser. 

So, the more we put in the search bar, the broader and deeper the Google recommendations will be, and so we can know which topics and which keywords are most popular. For example, if we search for “weight loss for men”, we can see that “weight loss for men over 50” is way more popular than “weight loss for men over 40”.

Google as a Keyword Research Tool
Google as a Keyword Research Tool

Now, we will see the levels of competitiveness, let’s use the example of “weight loss for men over 50”. When we look for it, we can see that it has more than 400.000.000 results, but if we look for “weight loss for men over 40”, it has 300.000.000, therefore, the latter will be much easier for us to use, since having fewer results will make it easier to position ourselves in the first search pages.

Also, Google shows a section of questions that people ask about your keyword and includes a related search list that will help you create more content and improve its quality.

Google Trends

So, in Google Trends, you search for your long tail keyphrase and it will show you statistics, analytics, and interests of such keyword over time, that means, you get to see if your topic remains consistent throughout the years.

“Weight loss for men”, for example, is pretty consistent which is not the case for “weight loss for men over 40”. The first one, its evergreen. Spikes in interest happen and it is perfectly normal; if it still keeps its consistency all year round it’s perfect.

We can sort these results by country and whatever traffic you need.

I recommend that you use the time filter and see the interest in the last 5 years, as long as it is consistent it is a good idea

In the Related Topics section, we can see which ones are increasing and which are decreasing in popularity about the niche, this way you can create content about topics that are relevant to the times.

Google Trends as a Keyword Research Tool
Google Trends as a Keyword Research Tool

Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator

 With this tool, you can look for the search volume of your desired keyword, this will give you a limited set of results for free, it is one of the best tools if you can invest in it. It will show us a list of additional keywords to use, a difficulty value and the search volume.

The ideal is a search volume that is high, but not too much (for competitiveness), I personally would avoid something higher ten thousand, and a difficulty that is as low as possible.

Ahrefs Keyword Generator
Ahrefs Keyword Generator


While SEMrush (affiliate) is a paid option, there are free options to use it. No matter which option you choose, it is one of the best options in conjunction with Ahrefs when it comes to keyword research

In SEMrush, we have the Keyword Magic Tool, where we can look for the search volume of our keyword by country just like with Ahrefs.

Each tool will give you somewhat different results, that’s fine since none are 100% accurate, but they are useful as a guide and reference. At SEMrush, we have more options, and even more so if we get the paid version.

SEMrush Keyword Research
SEMrush Keyword Research

Answer The Public

Another useful page is Answer The Public, where we can obtain a huge amount of data about our keyword or keyphrase. It will show you related questions that people are looking for regarding your topic, and it will give you a list of long tail keywords that you can use.

You must validate each of your ideas through each of these tools so that you know the viability of the content you want to create and see if it is possible to obtain the traffic and sales you expect through said content.

Keyword Surfer

It is a Chrome extension that when installed it will give you lists of keywords inside Google, and will integrate analytics and data to your browser.

Chrome Keyword Surfer
Chrome Keyword Surfer

Reddit Keyword Research Tool

It will allow you to find how popular a certain keyword is in any subreddit, so you know the topics that are resonating in the forum communities. Reddit itself is an incredible source of data to know your audience and this tool makes it easy for you to search through it.

Reddit Keyword Research Tool
Reddit Keyword Research Tool


I admit that it has some bugs, but regardless it does have some usefulness. When it does give you any results, it shows you data through the time of your keyword, the search volume and the difficulty.


What’s Next?

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