Why Branding Is More Than Just A Fancy Logo

How to position yourself as an authority and build trust in your niche. We’re going to look beyond the traditional U.S.P. and delve deeper into what sets you apart from the competition.

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I was talking with a friend the other today, hello Kerstin, and I was reminded about a strategy that had absolutely nothing to do with solving her current problem, but it might help you to solve one of yours.

I’m going to give you a formula that you can use to separate yourself from your competition..

You can also use this to draw attention to yourself in your marketplace, position yourself as an authority and build trust with your prospects.

…But this isn’t about your U.S.P.. it’s actually a level higher.. in fact you’re not gonna talk your product at all.. this is just a conversation starter.. a way to gently trigger curiosity and open the prospects mind just a little bit, so they listen to what you have to say.

I’m calling this, intrigue branding because it gets your prospects intrigued about what you’re doing and how you can help them.

It’s an effective way to get your prospects to say “hey wait a second, tell me more about that..”

This helps to get people interested in buying your stuff, before you pitch them anything, which is pretty cool right? Of course, that’s the perfect scenario.

But this isn’t an easy thing to do, it takes a lot of brainpower and you’ll have to spend a while thinking about this, but if you do this then you’ll get the benefits, of which they are many.

Ok so let’s get to work. There are 3 parts to this.. 3 components which ultimetly lead you to selling more of your stuff in a non-salesy, non hypey kinda way.

And most people ignore this stuff, which means most of your competition are ignoring this, which is great for us because it gives us the advantage right?

The Three Components

We’re gonna use:

1. Radical Approach
2. Education
3. The Pitch

I’ll explain what each of these terms mean, what function each one performs and what each one achieves.

So let’s start in reverse. You probably already know #3, the pitch.

Most marketers just focus on the pitch – it still works great, but it’s probably the least effective way to sell online because all niches are jaded. That’s just the point we’ve arrived at, pretty much every niche that you can think of, all the good ones away, they’re all filled with people who are jaded, and you know what? It shouldn’t be used as an excuse to not try or to not do something.

Prospects everywhere are tired of hearing promises, and they know it often means nothing.

Sending them to a sales page doesn’t work like it used to, even warming them up first isn’t as effective as it used to be, so we need a different approach.

A lot of savvy marketers are using a combination of education and pitching, it works pretty good. But people don’t come to me just to achieve pretty good results, they come to me to get great results, so let’s go ahead and switch things up a bit, so you can get some great results too.

Ok, first, ask yourself.. why should prospects listen to you? Why should they buy from you? What sets you apart?

We start with #1, a radical approach, to show how your way is different to everybody elses. The radical approach is something unique to you, it’s a couple of words that that mean something to your ideal customer, to make them curious.

Here’s the formula you can use to find your radical approach… it looks like this..

Find out what your customer desires, plus the promise you make them, plus your delivery method, and that equals your ‘radical approach’.

Ok, sounds complicated I know, but it’s not, I promise. Let’s break it down.

Oh, and before I forget, we also need a premise, or reason for your radical approach to exist – which naturally leads your prospects into wanting to seek an education from you.

Your premise only exists to support your radical approach.

I’ll break it down for you in more detail:

Customer desire:
This is obviously what your ideal customer desires the most.

Your promise to customer:
This is what you can give them, or how you can help them to change things. This is the end result they will see from trusting you.

Your delivery method:
This is what you do or how you do it.

And the premise:
This is why your radical approach exists.


So, for example, if Kerstin is in the languages niche… and again this has got absolutely nothing to do with solving her problem, I apologise Kerstin, but let’s say that she teaches people how to speak fluent German, and bearing in mind that I have zero knowledge of that niche, her radical approach might look like something like this:

Her customer desire: Learn how to speak fluent German

Her promise to customer: To teach you how to speak convincing German within 3 months.

Delivery method: By incorporating a small amount of learning into the daily routine and tracking the progress.

Radical approach is called: Addictive Language Mastery

Studies show that when we do things habitually they become addictive, so it’s the most effective way to learn a new language.

Here’s how you do it…

We include the “here’s how you do it” as a way to lead into the education portion of the campaign.

Ok, A Second Example

Oh and of course we don’t have to actually INVENT anything new here.. we just brand ourselves in a new, interesting or unusual way.

Here’s how P90X did it, and remember – they didn’t invent this way of exercising:

Customer desire:
To get in shape quickly.

Promise to customer:
Get ripped in 90 days.

Delivery method:
Switch, combine and mix up various workouts.

Radical Approach is called: Muscle Confusion

You have to shock your body into transformation because it quickly adapts and gets used to traditional workouts.

Here’s how you do it…

Third Example

Ok, finally I’ll show you how I use this in my business, because it’s easy.

My ideal customer desires:
To boost online sales quickly without spending years learning the theory.

My promise to customer:
Show them how to sell more ethically and without using hype or sleazy tricks, while helping them to reduce their advertising budget as a result.

Delivery method:
Give them easy to use formulas, templates, and frameworks that have been battle-tested and proven to work.

My radical Approach is called: Results Through Simplicity

And the premise that all this is based on is:
Most courses over complicate things and focus on boring theory or make things very technical. This results in information overload and is a waste of time if you just want the results without knowing the history.

Here’s how you do it….

So, at the start of your funnel, you present your prospects with your radical approach.. it acts like a hook and it triggers their curiosity, to encourage them to take the next step – which is to request education from you via your warm up sequence.

But A Word of Warning

As Profit Copilot member, Xenia pointed out in the Facebook group, this strategy doesn’t apply to every industry or business model.

You see, sometimes being on the front lines of the information product business thing, I often lose sight of all the other awesome stuff that’s going on out there – and this is an approach to branding that might not be the best route for a lot of businesses.

But if you ARE involved with selling information products, or if you offer services, then this is a quick way to set yourself apart from your competition and position yourself as an authority.

What next? well, I’m glad you asked..

Ok so, if you’ve found this useful, and want more of this kind thing, then I’ve got everything you need to help you improve your conversion rates, funnily enough, using the ‘Results Through Simplicity’ approach that I mentioned earlier. It’s called the Profit Copilot Academy, and there will be a link somewhere below this video that will give you more information.

Ok, thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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