Part 2: Creating Your Digital Product Framework

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Today is the second part of the Profit From Your Passion series, where you’ll learn how to monetize your website. In this chapter you’re going to learn the perfect product framework for creating digital products.

This is the first starting point –  to think about the end point, the actual product that we’d like to sell.

When you start with the ending, you increase your chance of success because you’re not wondering around aimlessly.

This way, you have purpose.

But don’t worry, we’re not going to create the product yet. We just need to have a very loose idea of the general direction that we need to go in.

Once we start with the endpoint, we know where the journey will lead us. And this will help you to figure out what the actual contents inside your product needs to be.

Everything we do has to match the product. Every piece of promotional content has to work together. Everything has to be in perfect alignment, to give us the best chance of making the level of sales that we hope to make.

So let me show you what I mean.

Digital Product Framework

Here we here we have the escape and arrival framework. A marketer called Frank Kern developed this system:

Escape from problem 

  • 1st thing 
  • 2nd thing
  • 3rd thing

Arrive at solution

We start with a problem – something that your audience wants to escape from.

And then we have all the steps that they need to take to move away from the problem and to eventually arrive at the solution.

Your product will give them all the steps they need to take in the order they need to take.

I’ll give you in an actual example of this.

Example Content

If we are in the health niche you could plan to create a video series or a PDF guiding people through the steps to become healthier.

Imagine each one as a chapter of a book:

Escape from: Feeling unhealthy 

  • Mindset
  • Detox
  • Diet plan

Arrive to: Feeling healthier

So, chapter one of the PDF could be all about mindset. Chapter two could be detox. And chapter three could be a diet plan.

This is a good outline for the contents of a digital product.

Drilling Down

We can also drill down a little bit further into each section, and create more topics.

If we take the detox chapter, for example, we might want to create a section about things that need to be eliminated from a diet and also create a section for healthy things to be added to a diet:

Escape from: Feeling unhealthy

  • Mindset
  • Detox (lead magnet)
    — Eliminate X, Y, Z  (blog post)
    — Increase X, Y, Z 
  • Diet plan

Arrive to: Feeling healthier

Now we can break these up into smaller chunks.

The detox section could be used to make a lead magnet.

We can drill down even further into this and break off one section and use it as a blog post.

Hopefully you can see how things are going to fit together in this process?

And that’s why we start with outlining the contents of the info product first.

Your Homework

So your homework is to get a sheet of paper, start with you your problem – the thing that your audience wants to escape from, and then draw a line down to the arrival – the solution.

Then write down all the steps they need to take, in the order they need to take, to solve the problem.

Now through using this product framework, you’ll have a rough idea of the direction that you’re going, which will determine the action we take next; creating an extremely high value blog post.

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