Lesson from Dan Kennedy: 3 Vital Elements of a Great Marketing Campaign

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Lesson from Dan Kennedy: 3 Vital Elements of a Great Marketing Campaign

Today you’re going to learn the 3 vital elements of a marketing campaign.

This is a lesson from copywriting legend Dan Kennedy and we’re going to take a look at this book No-BS Direct Marketing.

This is a really solid book and it’s one of the fundamental books of direct response copywriting.

And while I’m going to teach you some of its lessons today I’m also going to put my own unique spin on things – and update it for use with modern technology.

Then I’m going to show you how you can apply it in your own business.

Dan Kennedy’s Marketing Triangle

Dan Kennedy talks about the marketing triangle; the market, the media and the message.

Dan Kennedy Markting Triangle

So you have to speak to the right market with the right message on the right media so let’s delve a little bit deeper into it, so you can really understand how to utilise this in your own business.

The Right Market

Let’s start with the right market.

Who are you speaking to? Who is your customer?

Listen I know a lot of people will say; “everyone is a customer” – but that’s not accurate.

If you think everyone is your customer, or everyone is going to be interested in your website, then nobody is going to be interested.

If you try to sell to everybody or appeal to everybody, you just end up appealing to nobody.

And even if you have the greatest copy in the world and you’re a master at persuasion, if it’s not speaking to the right person in the right way then it’s gonna fall flat and it won’t give you the results you want.

But because you’re reading this today you’re less likely to run into that problem.

The Right Message

When you know who your market is it makes it easier to know where to put your message.

Dan Kennedy says we should “match bait to critter”.

So you need something desirable that appeals to that specific market, or that specific type of person.

The Breakthrough Advertising book by Eugene Schwartz says that you shouldn’t try to create desire.

You can’t manufacture dessert but you can tap into existing desire.

So you need to know what your market wants, and then tap into that existing desire.

The bait that you use must be exciting, if it sounds boring then scrap the copy and start again.

Think about all the ways that you can titillate your market, think about the senses, think about the words that can create a spark.

Remember that good copy is seductive .

Match the message to your markets pain points, their fears, their passions, their hopes and their dreams.

And then finally you need to have the right media.

The Right Media

We’ve got hundreds of different types of media to choose from – newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and Internet.

Obviously we’re interested in the Internet side of things.

When it comes to online stuff you’ve probably got even more choice; you can choose from email campaigns, banner ads, solo ads, Facebook ads, Google Ads, blog ads, forums, – basically wherever you find your market hanging out in large numbers.

So how do you apply this stuff to your business?

I’m going to show you how to do it now.

How to Apply Dan Kennedy’s Marketing Triangle

Let’s pretend that you’re selling a digital information product.

It teaches single men how to approach women in an ethical and respectful way, ask for their phone number and arrange to go on a date.

You might assume that its best sell to all single men, but it’s actually smarter to narrow things down and get really specific about who was speaking to.

To do that we need to find accurate data and let that guide us into making the right decision that will get us the results we need.

For this I want you to go to the Facebook Audience Insights tool.

Facebook Audience Insights Tools

Here we’re going to do some searching.

In this example, if we restrict the search to only single man in the USA, this gives us a really good starting point.

And then we can delve deeper and get really specific.

The Facebook Audience Insights tool allows you to see the Job Title – and you can go deeper still into each demographic to create a laser-targeted customer avatar.

In my example I’ve found that 23% of single men in the USA work in industries related to sales.

Facebook will let us see exactly which pages these men like. So now we know where they hang out.

We can also see other demographics, like which areas they live in.

So with the information that we’ve obtained through Facebook Audience Insights we might want to create a Facebook ad that targets; single men in Orlando, who play video games.

That tells us what type of adverts to craft, that will appeal specifically to those type of men.

Final Thoughts

So now you know how to find the right market.

You how to find the right media to use, and you know how to craft the right message for maximum impact.

And I’ve also shown you how to uncover vital demographics and information; solid data that will help you to create more successful marketing campaigns.

And that’s how we can take Dan Kennedy’s Marketing Triangle and easily use it online.

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