Part 11: Smart Email Segmentation

Today is part 11 of Profit From Your Passion training course and it’s all about email segmentation and dynamic behavioural response. Sounds complicated but it isn’t.

When we segment our email subscribers, we can treat them differently according to their actions. This allows you to create highly targeted email campaigns that boost engagement, and profit.

The customer-only automation

For this we’re going to use ActiveCampaign.

You’re going to create a second email list and this time you’re gonna call it ‘customers’.

Previously you made your first email list which was just for freebie seekers – people who will subscribe to get your lead magnet.

Today we are making one specifically for customers.

Then create a new automation.

The trigger that we’re gonna run is when ‘a contact subscribes’ to the list to your customers-only list.

This is to make sure that people unsubscribe from your freebie list.

What this does is it allows you to treat the people who are on your freebie list in a different way to your customers.

We do this because when someone becomes your customer they are supporting your business, so you treat them differently.

Dynamic Behavioural Response

Remember we made this automation a few days ago?

When someone subscribes to your freebie lists with the ‘detox pdf’ tag they’re automatically added to this automation and a welcome email sequence will trigger.

They will receive an email with a link to the lead magnet.

What I really want to show you its some dynamic behavioural response:

What we can do now is, is if a subscriber doesn’t open the email we can trigger a reminder email.

We can give them an extra day to grab the lead magnet before adding them to the rest of the sequence.

Then a new email is automatically sent everyday.

And For the people who DID open the welcome email, they are sent directly into a nurture sequence containing high value content.

In fact, there are hundreds of different types of campaigns you could run. ActiveCampaign has loads of free campaigns that you can use.

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