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This is a top secret traffic hack that the greedy gurus will never share with you. Because today I’m going to teach you a brand new way to grow an audience and get organic traffic from Quora.

This is a very stealthy method, and you’ve probably never seen anything like this before.

The Traditional Method

If you’ve ever tried to get traffic from Quora, then you’ve probably done it in one of two ways. You’ve either asked questions while linking to your website.

And if you’ve done that, then I’m willing to bet that you didn’t get the results that you wanted.

So you might have moved down to the second method, which is to answer questions while linking to your website. And that’s where the smart money is. But this new method really takes that strategy to the next level.

The New Quora Method

This is how it works.

Because search engines love Quora, it means there’s a lot of traffic flowing into the website. So it makes absolute sense for you to put your content and your links on those relevant pages.

But there is a problem here because most pages on Quora get almost no traffic. So that means you could be just wasting your time. So today I want to show you how to find niche relevant pages that you absolutely know will send you targeted traffic.

I’ll show you how it’s done.

Quora Traffic Levels

If you’re in any doubt whatsoever about the power of Quora, check out the stats.

The global rank is 92. So of all the billions of websites on the internet, Quora is the 92nd most popular website. And if we have a look at the traffic overview, you can see that it’s getting almost 500 million visits every month. That’s pretty consistent.

So we can see over the last 6 months, it’s actually gone above well over 500 million visits and okay, it’s dipped down a little bit, slightly traffic by country.

Check this out. 38%, almost 40% of the traffic comes from the United States. 17% from India, 6% from the United Kingdom, 4% from Canada and 3% from Australia. 74% of its traffic comes from search engines. So when you position yourself on this website, you’re going to benefit from that search traffic too.

But is it organic? Yep, 100% of the traffic is organic. So that’s profitable traffic for you.

Using Quora For Targeted Traffic

Let’s head over to Quora and take a look at how to use it because we’ve got a few options. And the one that I want to really direct you towards is using the search field here. So use the search bar, let’s type in a few keywords.

So maybe ‘dog training’ is a good starting point.

For example, “What is the best command you’ve ever taught your dog? How did you teach it to your dog?”

So you could click on that question, get involved and answer the question.

But if you are considering using this method, have a look at the number of followers, have a look at the number of answers.

So it’s all about balance. If we have a look through this list, we might find this question, how long does it take for a puppy to learn something? So 5 people are following that already has 7 answers, or this one could be even better. What are some strategies for stopping a 6 week old puppy from biting?

11 people are following that. It’s got 8 answers, whereas we could look at this one. So this question only has one follow and one answer. So that might not be a good approach.

Looking at the number of answers and the number of follows. So really what you want to find is ones with high number of follows, but a low number of answers because each of these answers is a potential competitor for you, certainly in terms of attention.

You want to go, you want to find the right balance between few answers, but high follows. Now that’s one, one approach to using Quora, but I’m going to give you a better approach because we need to find out which pages for this niche are getting actual search traffic.

Finding High Traffic Pages

For this, we’re going to go ahead and use It’s a completely free tool. There is an upgrade version as well. I’m not associated or affiliated, but just go to type in

It’s going to bring back a load of results. So this in itself is quite interesting, but what we really want to do is drill down and find the most popular pages on Quora.

Here we have this SEO research section go down to “Top Pages”, and now we can see the most popular pages on Quora, but don’t dive in just yet. There’s another step that we need to take because this grabs all data across the entire website, and that’s not relevant to you or your niche. We need to filter by keyword. Here we type in the same keywords that we did on Quora.

And it’s going to bring back the most popular pages on Quora for dog training. And it also gives you the estimated number of clicks. So you know, that people have visited these pages, and can answer those questions that YOU KNOW will drive traffic.

What’s Next?

If you are serious about growing a popular and profitable website, you’re going to need more traffic. So I will give you the traffic methods that I never share on YouTube or anywhere else. I’ll give them to you completely for free, when you go to

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