Website Traffic Checklist – 9 ways to get ore Website Traffic

TodayI’m going to give you a checklist that you can use to drive more traffic to your website.

There are about 8 or 9 key points that I want to cover, so let’s go through them.

Email Your List

The first tip, and we will cycle back to this at the very end, once you have created a piece of content send it to your email list.

Do this first because email lists have, on average, a 30% open rate.

Now compare that to social media which gets just 3%,  it’s a no-brainer, so email your list before you post on social media.

And that 3% engagement rate from social media is dropping each year thanks to algorithm changes.

Which brings us to the second point.

Share on Social Media

Obviously it’s important to post on social media, but here’s the thing; make sure that you’re sharing each piece of content not only once, but multiple times across multiple networks.

This is vital for social media success.

You have to decide on a schedule and a frequency for each piece of content and make sure that it’s being shared over and over again.

I’m not talking about sharing your piece of content once, and then a few minutes later posting it again, and again, on the same network. Otherwise it’s just spam.

You gotta spread it out over the course of a few days and make sure that each piece of your content gets promoted multiple times on multiple platforms.


And then next we have outreach and I’m not talking about just emailing random webmasters, or influencers.

I’m talking about using a specific, laser targeted approach to maximise your results from outreach.

For example, you might mention people in your posts.

Or you might have the top 10 best software.

I which case, you might want to reach out to the people or companies that you’ve mentioned in your posts.

Drop them a quick email to say how much you enjoy the product, or what they contribute to your niche and include the link to where you featured them.

It’s important that you don’t ask them for anything in return at this point.

I know how tempting it is to ask them to share it with their followers, but I urge you to not do that.

Instead just tell them what you’ve done for them and then let them make up their own mind.

This will allow you to establish a good foundation that a relationship that can be built up upon over time.

Remember to only promote people and businesses that share same values as you and your audience,

That way, you’re not just approaching people because they have a big following, and instead you’re approaching people that share the same values and ethics as you.

So should any cross-promotion occur from that, you’ll almost be guaranteed to reach the right kind of audience.

Community Contributions

Then the next thing that I’d like you to do is make community contributions where you’re allowed to.

So post on forums, Facebook groups, and other communities that allow promotion.

I’m actually going to give you a guide in the next week or two about using Facebook groups for traffic and go into detail.

Again don’t go around spamming – and I’m sure you wouldn’t do that.

Guest Blogging

And then we have guest blogging.

So instead of just emailing a bunch of websites with a generic pitch, you have find areas where you can add value.

Try to find what’s missing and then tailor your pitch to that individual website.

Make sure that you can fill in those gaps and become an asset to that website and that community.

Content Syndication

The next one that I’ve got for you is content syndication.

This is where you republish your content on other websites.

Which websites? Well, you can approach news websites, you can approach other blogs, and one tactic that I found really effective is approaching podcasts and radio shows.

Every day I send some of my content to radio shows and podcasts. They report on my content and they will often recommend my websites as sources.

Press Releases

What you got to do is take something that is newsworthy, something that’s relevant and then put your unique spin on it.

Write why it’s an important development for your industry, and submit that as a press release.

Avoid the temptation to become overtly promotional or make it as an obvious attempt to drive traffic to your website.

Instead see it as an opportunity to increase the awareness of your brand.

One tactic could be; take a piece of relevant news and report about it in a way that makes it important to your industry, and then quote yourself in the article, with a little mention of your website.

Content Repurposing

Next on the list is content repurposing.

This is different to content syndication because you’re changing the format of the content.

This is something that I am doing at the moment and I am seeing pretty good results from it.

You will typically have at least three columns in your content marketing strategy.

The first one could be a blog post, then you take that content you turn it into a video, and then you take the audio from the video and turn it into a podcast.

You can also throw in other things like ‘click to Tweet’ quotes and infographics.

Repurposing your content into other formats will give you a much wider reach as it becomes available on more platforms.


And then the last one I’ve got for you ties directly into the first tip.

This is a specific type of advertising called retargeting.

You create a retargeting campaign designed specifically for the people who have already viewed your website.

Because they’ve already become aware of your brand in some way, they are easier to follow-up with and it’s easier to pull them deeper into your sales funnel through your email list.

So you might want to advertise your lead magnet at this stage, build your email list, and then that allows you to mail every piece of content to your subscribers.

I’m going to leave it there for today, if you’ve found this useful then share it with others who might benefit.

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