The Best (And Worst) WordPress Hosting

Best wordpress hosting

Today, you’re about to learn which web hosts are the best for WordPress sites, and which ones to avoid. I’m going to talk about your best options for hosting WordPress websites. Here’s the deal – it’s a minefield. I know that because I’ve been hosting websites since 2004. And I’ve been hosting WordPress websites since […]

Microphone Test: Blue Yeti vs Zoom H4N

Microphone Test: Blue Yeti vs Zoom H4N

Which is best, the Blue Yeti or the Zoom H4N? We’re going to find out. Hit play on the video above to hear the difference between both microphones. The Blue Yeti is a USB microphone, while the Zoom H4N is requires an SD card, so they work in different ways. I know there is a […]

Digital Access Pass – death of the best membership plugin in the World?

UPDATE: Warning! Since I originally published this article about Digital Access Pass, it has emerged that there is potentially a major security vulnerability within DAP. I strongly advise you to find an alternative membership system. (For details on the security risk see here, here and here) You feel like tearing your hair out. I know […]

100+ Fiverr Gigs Tested – The 5 Best Gigs On Fiverr For Bloggers

Disclaimer: I proudly receive absolutely no compensation or commission for any of these Fiverr recommendations. I have purchased each one at the full asking price and without revealing my intention to review the respective services. This is for your benefit and peace of mind.  You Get What You Pay For? I’ll be honest, I always […]

Microphone Comparison: Blue Yeti vs Rode Podcaster

You know the drill: When you’re shooting videos or recording podcasts there are a few essentials you’re going to need – and the microphone is possibly going to be the most important tool in your arsenal. In fact, I’ve heard it said that people will endure low-quality video, but they will not tolerate low-quality audio. […]

Aweber vs ActiveCampaign – Why I Moved From Aweber

I’ve been an Aweber customer since 2009… that’s a long time in Internet years. Back then it was the autoresponder to use. And during those years, every time I was asked about email marketing I proudly recommended Aweber. But that all changed in 2017. A year previously, in 2016, a friend told me about a […]

‘WP Tweet Machine’ Review

Disclaimer: I never put affiliate links or profit from any of my reviews. They are solely to help guide you so you know where to invest your time and money.  Getting yourself established on Twitter is hard.. I know that because I’ve never managed to crack it. Building a decent following takes time and dedication, which […]

‘Designrr’ Review

Disclaimer: This Designrr review does not contain any affiliate links, nor do I profit from this in any way. This review is an honest one and entirely for your benefit.   Like a lot of people who run online businesses, I create PDF reports on an almost on a weekly basis – and it’s a […]

‘Clickin Technologies’ Review

Disclaimer: I gladly receive absolutely zero compensation for my reviews; there are no affiliate links nor do I profit in any way. This is an unbiased review and is completely for your benefit.  When it comes to my websites.. including Profit Copilot, I do most of the design work myself – having a background in […]