‘WP Tweet Machine’ Review

Disclaimer: I never put affiliate links or profit from any of my reviews. They are solely to help guide you so you know where to invest your time and money. 

Getting yourself established on Twitter is hard.. I know that because I’ve never managed to crack it.

Building a decent following takes time and dedication, which to be straight up with you, is time I just don’t have. And I never really understood the attraction to Twitter anyway.. but I do understand it’s a great way to promote a business.

So enter WP Tweet Machine, which is a WordPress plugin developed by Ankur Shukla and Dan Green and it claims to solve that problem by getting your Twitter profile, or whatever it’s called, in front of real followers who are actually into your stuff.

Great! That means I don’t have to understand Twitter and can just let the software manage things.

Questionable sales tactics

Ok, the sales page looks like it’s one of those sleazy get rich quick schemes, and the false scarcity does nothing to boost their credibility, but once you look beyond the adrenaline fueled hype-fest, underneath all that, there’s actually a really solid piece of software on offer.

And that’s a shame. They don’t need to use dodgy sales tactics.


You see, like I do with all products I buy that use a countdown timer, after purchase I wait for the timer to hit zero and return later on that day, or the next day so I can see if I’m dealing with an honest company.

In this instance, even days after the timer hit zero, the price stayed the same.

Had I known they used this tactic before I purchased, then I wouldn’t have supported a company that uses unethical sales techniques. However, I hold my hand up… yes, I fell for it.

And yes, I do feel deceived – let’s call it what it is, it’s an outright lie.

But since I did purchase, and this isn’t a review of their sales techniques, let’s get down and have a look at the actual plugin.

Solid plugin, awesome support

Setting it up took a bit of time and effort.. it’s slightly technical too. But if you’re not comfortable setting up cron jobs and making Twitter apps, then thankfully there are plenty of step by step videos available.

Once you’ve done the technical stuff and connected the plugin to your Twitter account, everything from then on, including creating a campaign is a cinch.

At its core, you can have the software post a wide range of relevant content to your followers, including stuff from YouTube and website RSS feeds.

This means you’re always providing interesting content, and you can add your own comments and use spintax.

It will also retweet the most popular tweets in your niche, follow people for you, and add them to lists for you.

It’s literally like having someone else manage your Twitter account and build a following.

The customer support is (mostly) fantastic too, they are a little slow to respond but also willing to go the extra mile to help you.

Using the plugin I grew an experimental account to almost 2,000 genuine followers, in a couple of months.

Impressive stuff really.

Value for money?

If you can overlook the amount of sleaze and deception on the sales page, I’d recommend this plugin to everyone who can’t be bothered with or doesn’t have the time to invest in getting to grips with Twitter.

The sales page unfortunately drags what is an absolutely killer plugin into the realm of desperate bottom-of-the-barrel Internet marketing sludge, and doesn’t do the product justice.

With that said, this is still one of the best value for money plugins I’ve ever used.

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‘Clickin Technologies’ Review

Disclaimer: I gladly receive absolutely zero compensation for my reviews; there are no affiliate links nor do I profit in any way. This is an unbiased review and is completely for your benefit. 

When it comes to my websites.. including Profit Copilot, I do most of the design work myself – having a background in graphic design and web development sometimes pays off.

But over the last few years I’ve found it increasingly more productive to just hand that work over to someone else, so I can focus on running the business.

Obviously I’m proud of Profit Copilot and the customizations I’ve made to it… but, like most projects, you always see room for improvement.

That’s why I went out hunting for someone I could work with on a regular basis, so they could manage the technical side of things.

During my search, I saw that Clickin Technologies were receiving good reviews on the Warrior Forum. So I sent them a quick message containing my design brief, with mock up.

I requested that they:

Shorten the length of the website header, overlay the logo on top of the navigation bar and add a second menu to the right hand side. 

Simple stuff for a web development company, right?

I also needed to know how long it would take them to complete the project. This is important because I need to stick to a schedule.


Within a few minutes they responded with a quote, they were the quickest of all three companies I contacted, but did not provide a time scale until I asked a second time.

8 – 24 hours was the response.

Now, the speed at which they provided the quote struck me as slightly odd because the didn’t make any inquiry about the theme I was using nor requested any technical information about the website.

Ok, they’re professionals. They know what they’re doing.

Payment was made and the next day they told me that the work I requested was ‘done’. But it wasn’t, the second menu hadn’t been added.

A series of back and forth emails carried on for almost a week before Clickin Technologies informed me that my WordPress theme (Newspaper) prevented them from adding the menu.

This was very disappointing, especially considering the amount of times I had to nudge them for an update, or to check that things were progressing as their deadline had severely overrun.

They also created a resizing problem with the logo and failed to correct it, even after requests were made.

So that’s what went wrong.

Here’s what went right; the quality of the work that they did produce looked good and was almost what I envisaged. It only took a couple of emails to tweak it and get it spot on.

While at times communicating with them felt like pulling teeth, they were polite and courteous.

And they didn’t quibble when I requested a 50% refund.

In the interest of balance and fairness, at the beginning of the project I let them know that I would be reviewing their services on this website. Their response:

“I will be highly obliged if you write something good about my services which will generate more leads.”

I told them my review would be honest.

So, in all would I work with Clickin Technologies again? Probably not.

But at the same time I have no desire to harm their business, so I think if you just require very basic work and don’t mind having to explain yourself a few times, then I can’t see any problems with hiring them.

The quality of work is ok, if a little sloppy.