Authority Sites vs Niche Sites

Authority Sites VS Niche Sites

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Is it best to build one niche website or is it best to build multiple sites in the same niche?

Today I’m going to answer an email question asked by one of my students, Colin.

Colin says: 

“Hi Mick!

I would very much appreciate your advice. I am attracted to the health market and almost certainly to an authority blog, with a broad domain name and sub-niches.

The alternative will be to build separate sites, each specific to a single issue. What would you recommend?

Maybe you think this is not a good sector for affiliate marketing and creating my own info products.”

It is a really interesting question, and I think everyone can benefit from the answer.

I’ve received this question multiple times, since I started teaching people how to build affiliate sites.

Here’s the answer:

Build one website.

Don’t do multiple sites in the same niche.

Colin’s first thought of building one website (one authority blog) was the right one.

Except, he’s starting out too broad.

You may keep it in the back of your mind and have a broad domain name, that you are going to someday expand into an authority website.

However, understand that it is going to take time.

It’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve that.

But it is achievable. If you’re prepared to put in the work, you’ll be fine.

What you need to do?

  • Start with one issue.
    Pick one issue, for example, take joint pain, and start with just that.

Just focus on getting the top of the funnel content working.

  • Then, bring your people to the middle of the funnel.
  • And then finally, to the bottom of the funnel.

Here’s how you go about doing it…

  • Start with five blog posts for your authority website.

Now, each one of these posts will be like an introduction to the problem people might be facing.

  • Use that content to pull people further into your sales funnel by offering them a lead magnet.

This will pull them down to the middle section of the funnel.

  • You then use that lead magnet to bring them down to the bottom section.

For this, you either promote someone else’s products or your own.

  • Then, you use the follow-up sequences on your autoresponder to really ramp up your profits from that one individual prospect.

So, you start with one and get that working first.

Get that funnel running like clockwork.

Once that’s profitable, move on to the next topic that you want to talk about.

Other Tips

  • Get as specific as possible whenever you plan out the content.

In this particular case, the next topic could be weight loss, which in itself is so vast.

So get to the specifics. “Weight loss for who?”

Write down the specifics and then work accordingly.

  • Think about the person who will ultimately buy the product.

That’s who you have to aim for.

It’s easy to say someone who wants to lose weight.

Almost everybody wants to lose weight!

But not everybody is motivated to buy a product that will help them lose weight.

One of my favourite examples is from Pagan who says,
“Don’t target the weight loss niche, target the bride who wants to lose weight for her wedding so she can fit into a dress in 3 months’ time. She’s motivated to buy!”

You get the picture.

Now, you find your version.

Once you have that specific person in mind, then you can expand across that niche.

My thoughts on building an authority website

I think authority website is an absolute going to be the way forward for digital marketers and entrepreneurs.

One day people will come to the realization that building an authority website is a great if you want free traffic forever.

Building an authority website is the only way to do it.

Unless you get a viral hit every now and then, but that is easier said than done, right?

So that’s my answer:

  • Get as niche-specific as possible.
  • Just get one funnel working, and then think about expanding.

In Colin’s case, there’s so much going on. Plan ahead – have a five-year plan to get all the content you’re aiming for on your website eventually.

But for the present, focus on that one funnel. Get that one funnel converting for you, then get to the next one.

  • Once you have these funnels converting, you’re going to have the revenue. You’ll be able to invest it into your website.

Use the funnels to fund the development and the growth of the authority website.

Traffic source - 500,000 visitors per month

Secret Traffic Source: 500,000 Visitors Per Month

Traffic source - 500,000 visitors per monthImagine what it would be like to get 500,000 visitors to your website every single month.

How, did you ask?

Well, the secret to getting this much traffic is by using a platform called Lists have become very popular nowadays. Not only are they easy to read, but they also provide information that offers a lot of value to readers. And this is where, ladies and gentlemen, comes in.

In this article, we will look at how you can use to drive a lot of traffic to your website.

But first things first…

What is is a platform website that is used to create lists that are both fun and informative. This platform can help your content reach 500,000 people up front.

With this traffic platform, you will be able to get links. But, just so you know, these are No follow links. Even though the platform only allows No Follow links, you should note that the links can still contribute to your search engine rank.

The platform can be used as part of an overall strategy. We need a lot of different traffic sources in order to grow our website as well as our influence. So, don’t use this strategy as your only source of traffic.

How Does Work? enables you to create and publish your lists free of charge. You can choose whether or not you want people to contribute to your list. If you want to be more successful though, I highly recommend you make your list public.

What’s great about this platform is that it also acts as a search engine. The platform has a search bar that you can use to search for different contents online. It makes a lot of sense for you to put your content on the platform, don’t you think?

Another great feature of this platform is that it allows you to add links to other websites. Even though the links are “no follow”, this platform is great for getting a lot of traffic to your website. What’s more, you can make different types of lists. This includes playlists, bookmarks, app lists, product lists, just to name a few.

How To Create Lists On Platform

Creating lists on is simple. All you have to do is follow these 10 simple steps and you’ll be set.

Step #1: Sign up on the website platform.

Step #2: Open up the screen share.

Step #3: Create lists by adding content. It is recommended that you add 5 pieces of content. But, you can still just add one piece of content if you want. But for best results, try to add 5 pieces.

Step #4: Name your list.

Step #5: Choose a layout. There are different types of layouts you can choose from. These include magazines, list, gallery, and slideshow. When choosing a layout, go for one that easily catches people’s attention.

Step #6: Add a description of your content

Step #7: Tag your list

Step #8: Select the option of making your lists public. Make sure that Private option is off.

Step #9: To add a new item, just click on “Add items” button located at the bottom of the page.

Step # 10: Go to the content you want to add. If it is a YouTube video, for instance, just log in to your account and copy the video you want to add. After copying, paste the content in

And that’s it. That’s how you successfully create your list. If the process sounds simple, it is because it actually is.

Benefits Of Using

1. It enables you to add links to your list. This, in turn, drives a lot of traffic back to your website.
2. You can create interactive content by involving your audience. Your audience can suggest items that you can add to your list. This enables you to create high-quality content that readers will love.
3. It is free to use. Even though there are premium features, the free version has all the basic functionalities that you will need to set up your lists.
4. You can create and publish content on the platform
5. It has a simple to use platform interface
6. It is SEO friendly
7. The platform is compatible with several media formats such as slide share, videos, among others.


Getting 500,000 visitors to your website every month is not an easy task. But with it is possible. Now that you know how to drive traffic to your website, I guess all that is left for you to do is create your own account and make those lists, don’t you think?

Secret Traffic Source

Secret Traffic Source: 10 Million Visitors Per Month

Secret Traffic Source

Do you know what today is?

It’s my favourite day of the week: Traffic Tuesday! What makes Traffic Tuesday so special? It’s the day that I get to share yet another awesome strategy with you that is proven to generate tons of organic traffic for absolutely free.

In fact, I’m talking about a site that receives roughly ten million visitors per month, and can help you gain thousands, even millions, of visitors for yourself. Most sites offering this type of service charge steep monthly fees, but not this one.

Who can profit from such traffic? Pretty much anyone, but if your content is entered around a tech-related niche, then this site is definitely something you want to look into. Just imagine how your business could explode if you could put your content in front of millions of new eyes every month, and do it for free. This site is incredibly easy to use so even a newbie can do it.

Even though this site can help you get a ton of traffic, it’s not an all-in-one tool that will make your business explode overnight. Whereas this site will provide you with a backlink to help generate traffic, you need an overall solid marketing strategy to make your website popular. If you can combine the use of a backlink while following the link policy, with a solid marketing plan, your site will rise in popularity in a fairly short time.

Any marketing expert will tell you that relying on one traffic source isn’t the way to grow a business. The only way to do that is to set a proper routine, follow it consistently, and put out effort into getting the name of your business in front of people interested in your niche. I happen to have three secret traffic- generating hacks that you can start using immediately to drive traffic to your site. Of course, this information is free, and can be found here.

The main platform I’m talking about is called Experts Exchange and works pretty much in the same way as Korra and Yahoo Answers. The way it works is simple: you login to the site, and search questions asked by other users. Answer the question by providing relevant and useful content, then leave a link to your website as a resource. Easy! Just be sure to leave answers that are considered valid and an asset to the community. Don’t simply answer just to be able to leave a link to your site. That could be considered spam, and isn’t in line with the link policy. Also, make sure to leave answers that are in your own words without copying and pasting information from another site. If you can make the person asking the question feel that you took the time to really understand their problem and answer their question, they are more likely to click your website link, generating tons of traffic that may even convert into sales.

Put it in a little work on a major traffic-generating website by talking about a topic you already know a lot about, and help your website to explode. Not bad, right?

Free Traffic Source & Do-Follow Backlinks

Free Traffic Source & Do-Follow Backlinks

Free Traffic Source & Do-Follow Backlinks

Today I’m going to show you how to get traffic from a little-known website that has 9 million users.

You’re going to be able to share your content on there for free and you’re gonna be able to get some valuable backlinks from it too.

Practically every single niche is covered and that means you’re going to be able to get laser targeted traffic.

It’s a website called

You can content under your own profile but things get really interesting when you start sharing content to relevant groups.

You’ll probably be able to find multiple groups that you can join, and when you share content on those groups you can drive large amounts of traffic to your website.

You can create your own group or you can join someone else’s, and I suggest for the moment you join someone else’s group and start contributing.

Obviously don’t spam, mix it up a little bit and include other websites amongst your own.

Some of the groups are very popular and jumping with activity, so you can get traffic from them immediately.

Most of the groups are also indexed by Google, you will get a ‘do follow’ backlink when you share your content.

You should also add tags to your posts so people can find your content when they search for information.

The site is easy to use, and is a decent source of free back and backlinks. What more could we ask for?


How To Get Website Content For Free

3 Easy Ways To Get Website Content For Free

How To Get Website Content For Free

Today I’m going to show you how to create content really quickly and easily, so it doesn’t even feel like you’re creating content at all.

As you probably know, when it comes to building traffic and getting conversions it all starts with content marketing.

But I know that creating original content is hard, it’s time-consuming and there’s no immediate payoff unless you’re prepared to advertise.

Easy Ways To Get Website Content For Free

So I’m going to give you three easy ways you can get free content, without that much effort.

You’re going to put in minimum effort, and get maximum results.

And this is partly inspired by an article that I read on Problogger, but I need to adapt it I put my own twist on things.

I’m giving you the steps to get content made quickly.

Interview Experts

So the first tip I’ve got for you is to interview experts.

Your part of the content creation process is to research and ask the right questions.

You chosen expert will then do the heavy lifting in exchange for exposure.

This method can also be a really good source of traffic, as other websites pick up on the story.

I’ll give you an example.

The Observer newspaper in the UK picked up an interview that I did with the late Brian Haw, and that gave my website an enormous amounts of exposure in the national media.

This had a domino effect and it really put that website on the map.

And the funny thing is I didn’t really do any kind of content creation for it, I just asked Brian a few questions that I knew people wanted the answers to and he answered those questions.

Invite Contributions

The second tip I’ve got for you is to invite people to guest post on your on your website.

You can either ask for submissions and contributions on your website or you can reach out to people whose content you like, and invite them to guest post.

But that’s only half the story.

The second part is to take the best contributors, and the best guest bloggers, and offer them a regular spot.

They become frequent contributors to your website, and I’ve applied that strategy one of my websites which is now almost exclusively run and updated by guest bloggers who have become regular contributors.

So if you do it right, if you can network with the right people and bring the them in to your website, it’s a really effective strategy because then your content grows automatically.

And with content marketing and we have to be consistent because that is what ultimately grows our traffic over time.

When people contribute to your website for free you can end up in an awesome situation where it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Content Curation

The last tip that I’ve got for you is content curation.

You probably already know I’m a big fan of curating content.

This is were you take a portion of somebody else’s content and you use it for your own purposes.

So you might take paragraph from an article, link back to the original, and then add your own insights.

You can do it with articles, video embeds – so you can go to Youtube and find relevant videos.

Practically every video on there allows anybody to legally embed that video any website.

You don’t have to ask for permission because if the video creators don’t want that content embedded on websites they can turn that feature off.

You can also do the same with infographics.

If you want to use images do check the license; make sure that you’re not using images that you don’t have the rights to use.

But a lot of infographics actually give you the HTML code that you can take and paste into your blog post to display that infographic.

And really, that’s the whole purpose of infographics – it’s to get links from websites.

So again if that code is visible on an infographic you don’t need to ask permission.

However, when you do content curation it’s a good idea to approach the content creators directly and let them know you’ve used their content – they might be thankful to you, and promote you in return.

Traffic Source: 11 Million Active Users

Traffic Source: 11 Million Active Users

Traffic Source: 11 Million Active Users

Today is Traffic Tuesday and I’m going to show you a platform that has got 11 million active users that you can tap into for free traffic and free backlinks.

This is a really easy way you can drive traffic to your website.

There’s no theory here, it’s all hands on, actionable stuff that you can do today.

I’m talking about a little-known platform that has millions of visitors, so it is a superb source of traffic.

And there’s a wide variety of niches on there – so no matter what type of business you’re involved with you will find your market.

It’s a platform that’s been specifically designed for professionals and content creators.

It allows us to showcase the stuff that we create and allows us to network with the people who we share the same interests and passions with.

And reports suggest that it even outperforms LinkedIn Pulse.

The website I’m talking about it’s called and it allows you to join groups (or hives) and promote your content.

Here’s how it works:

When you sign up you’ll be asked to join a few hives that interest you.

And then once you’re all set up you can hit the ‘producer’ tab and then publish content on the platform.

You can promote your content in up to three hives instantaneously.

Some of these hives have thousands of members and they’re very active.

Also, that content is indexed by Google so remember to SEO it just like you would any other piece of content.

And this means you can include backlinks to your website – although they are no-follow, but they are still valuable nonetheless.

This platform is also a great source for content curation, if you’re just looking for some inspiration for your latest blog post.

You can also create your own hives, which means you can build your own following.

And of course you can network with thought leaders influencers and build up your network by producing good content, sharing good ideas and being a decent member of the community.

So there you go, that’s an easy to use source of traffic and way to get backlinks that anyone can use.

Lesson from Dan Kennedy: 3 Vital Elements of a Great Marketing Campaign

Lesson from Dan Kennedy: 3 Vital Elements of a Great Marketing Campaign

Today you’re going to learn the 3 vital elements of a marketing campaign.

This is a lesson from copywriting legend Dan Kennedy and we’re going to take a look at this book No-BS Direct Marketing.

This is a really solid book and it’s one of the fundamental books of direct response copywriting.

And while I’m going to teach you some of its lessons today I’m also going to put my own unique spin on things – and update it for use with modern technology.

Then I’m going to show you how you can apply it in your own business.

Dan Kennedy’s Marketing Triangle

Dan Kennedy talks about the marketing triangle; the market, the media and the message.

Dan Kennedy Markting Triangle

So you have to speak to the right market with the right message on the right media so let’s delve a little bit deeper into it, so you can really understand how to utilise this in your own business.

The Right Market

Let’s start with the right market.

Who are you speaking to? Who is your customer?

Listen I know a lot of people will say; “everyone is a customer” – but that’s not accurate.

If you think everyone is your customer, or everyone is going to be interested in your website, then nobody is going to be interested.

If you try to sell to everybody or appeal to everybody, you just end up appealing to nobody.

And even if you have the greatest copy in the world and you’re a master at persuasion, if it’s not speaking to the right person in the right way then it’s gonna fall flat and it won’t give you the results you want.

But because you’re reading this today you’re less likely to run into that problem.

The Right Message

When you know who your market is it makes it easier to know where to put your message.

Dan Kennedy says we should “match bait to critter”.

So you need something desirable that appeals to that specific market, or that specific type of person.

The Breakthrough Advertising book by Eugene Schwartz says that you shouldn’t try to create desire.

You can’t manufacture dessert but you can tap into existing desire.

So you need to know what your market wants, and then tap into that existing desire.

The bait that you use must be exciting, if it sounds boring then scrap the copy and start again.

Think about all the ways that you can titillate your market, think about the senses, think about the words that can create a spark.

Remember that good copy is seductive .

Match the message to your markets pain points, their fears, their passions, their hopes and their dreams.

And then finally you need to have the right media.

The Right Media

We’ve got hundreds of different types of media to choose from – newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and Internet.

Obviously we’re interested in the Internet side of things.

When it comes to online stuff you’ve probably got even more choice; you can choose from email campaigns, banner ads, solo ads, Facebook ads, Google Ads, blog ads, forums, – basically wherever you find your market hanging out in large numbers.

So how do you apply this stuff to your business?

I’m going to show you how to do it now.

How to Apply Dan Kennedy’s Marketing Triangle

Let’s pretend that you’re selling a digital information product.

It teaches single men how to approach women in an ethical and respectful way, ask for their phone number and arrange to go on a date.

You might assume that its best sell to all single men, but it’s actually smarter to narrow things down and get really specific about who was speaking to.

To do that we need to find accurate data and let that guide us into making the right decision that will get us the results we need.

For this I want you to go to the Facebook Audience Insights tool.

Facebook Audience Insights Tools

Here we’re going to do some searching.

In this example, if we restrict the search to only single man in the USA, this gives us a really good starting point.

And then we can delve deeper and get really specific.

The Facebook Audience Insights tool allows you to see the Job Title – and you can go deeper still into each demographic to create a laser-targeted customer avatar.

In my example I’ve found that 23% of single men in the USA work in industries related to sales.

Facebook will let us see exactly which pages these men like. So now we know where they hang out.

We can also see other demographics, like which areas they live in.

So with the information that we’ve obtained through Facebook Audience Insights we might want to create a Facebook ad that targets; single men in Orlando, who play video games.

That tells us what type of adverts to craft, that will appeal specifically to those type of men.

Final Thoughts

So now you know how to find the right market.

You how to find the right media to use, and you know how to craft the right message for maximum impact.

And I’ve also shown you how to uncover vital demographics and information; solid data that will help you to create more successful marketing campaigns.

And that’s how we can take Dan Kennedy’s Marketing Triangle and easily use it online.

How to Sell Without Being Salesy

How to Sell Without Being Salesy – The Storytelling Method

How to Sell Without Being Salesy

Today I’m going to show you how to sell without being too salesy.

Of course nobody likes being over the top salesy.

If you’re a blogger, email marketer, or content creator then you probably just want to focus on creating the awesome content, writing effective emails or delivering maximum value to your audience, right?

And when it comes to the selling side of things, well that can sometimes feel a little bit weird at times.

For me, it used to feel a bit seedy and sleazy when I followed marketing advice from guru’s.

And I’ve got a hunch that you probably don’t want to use any of those manipulative tricks just to make a sale from a website visitor or email subscriber.

Nobody likes to be that type of person and nobody likes to think of themselves as that type of person either.

Today I’m going to show you how you can sell without being salesy.

You can use this in your sales copy, in videos, in email sequences, in blog posts, and in person if you want to.

There’s no restriction or limit on how you choose to use this.

A Negative Sales Experience

So let me give you an example of the kind of thing I’m talking about.

I was out shopping for a new jacket, found a store went inside.

Immediately the sales guy came over and almost pounced on me – he was right up in my face and I felt a bit invaded.

He was being way too salesy, and started asking me questions (which he was probably trained to do).

Next he grabbed a random jacket of the rail and asked me if I like it.

The jacket was fine, but I didn’t like the pushy attitude and I felt like I was being forced into making a decision – I felt like I was being pressured to buy from him.

It was an uncomfortable experience – so what did I do? I left the store of course.

I continued looking for a shop I found a really nice store that I went into and I had a completely different experience.

A Positive Sales Experience

There was no fake enthusiasm, instead there was a welcoming smile and a little nod, and absolutely no pressure.

Instead of being followed around the store I was just left to look around in my own time, and allowed to take as long as I needed.

When I found the section that I was looking for a voice from behind the counter said “excuse me sir, we have more items in the back if you don’t like anything that you see there”.

I thought was a pretty helpful suggestion because it was low pressure.

Again a few minutes later he asked me if there was anything in particular that I had in mind, he listened, and did his best to help me find what I was looking for.

I felt that this was a very helpful sales experience – it was a good approach where I didn’t feel invaded or pressurised to make a purchase.

And the next time I need something, I’m gonna go back to that store because I like the way that they dealt with me and I like their low pressure approach to sales.

The Problem With Selling

Nobody likes being sold to.

You probably hate being sold to as well? Especially when you didn’t initiate it.

And on the flip side, most people don’t like to do the selling either.

It’s completely normal to dislike putting pressure on people.

We don’t like to make people feel uncomfortable.

And as content creators we certainly don’t want to do it to our audience – the people that we really like, and the people we spend a lot of our time trying to help.

So we don’t want to make those guys feel crap about dealing with us, right?

And we all have this kind of mental image of a salesperson – and it’s a pretty unpleasant picture.

It’s of a pushy guy, a bit manipulative who’s using high-pressure sales tactics, and nobody wants to think of themselves in that way, or to be seen as someone like that.

But in reality a good sales technique will avoid all of that awful stuff.

Shift Your Sales Mindset

When it’s done right it doesn’t even feel like selling at all.

That’s because a good sales experience informs, educates, maybe even entertains a little, but most of all it’s helpful and it solves problems.

So instead of thinking of ‘selling’ try to think of it as ‘problem solving’.

This way you’re not trying to sell somebody a product or persuade them to do something they don’t want to do.

Now you’re trying to find the best solution for their needs.

You’re trying to help them.

And this makes the experience all about them and their needs. I’ll get into this more in a second.

You actually help someone to improve a situation and it’s a really positive thing, when it’s done right.

It’s just a shame that we have so many people who do it backwards, they make it about what they can get – instead of making it about what they can give.

So when you flip it, the sales experience becomes entirely different.

Because you’re helping someone you’re making their situation a little bit better.

So how do you sell without being too salesy on the Internet?

Well, the best way that we can do it is through storytelling.

Replace Sales Pitches With Storytelling

The first tip I’ve got for you when it comes to selling on the Internet, without being too salesy is to tell stories.

Storytelling is an incredibly powerful way to grab and hold the attention of your audience, while making them feel engaged with your content or message.

But you have to make it about your customer and not about you.

It’s not an opportunity to brag – people are really only interested in themselves and their needs.

They’re not too interested in you or how great you are.

So your focus should be on them and their needs.

Because it’s about them, you should weave in their pain points into the story, it shows that you empathise with them and their needs.

And when you empathise with your customer you demonstrate that you are worth listening to and you are the right person to help them.

You show them that you understand their problems – and their needs.

Storytelling also allows you to describe scenarios that they’ve probably experienced.

Draw on your own real life experiences and try to find the situations that we’ve all found ourselves in at one point or another.

And then finally, as the story comes to a close begin to offer a solution, provide a resolution – or a desired outcome that relates to your customers needs.

This way they can imagine a potential outcome for themselves – they’ll place themselves inside your story and visualise themselves overcoming the problem.

Easy, right?

Hopefully you can see how effective story telling is

And the stories you choose can be one sentence long, or they can be multiple pages long – it doesn’t really matter.

But the more you do this, the better you become so practice makes perfect.

Practice your storytelling and practice writing stories, keep a memory bank of stories to draw from and make sure that each story to share covers all the points that I’ve just given you.

How to Fix the Google Keyword Planner Tool

Fix the Google Keyword Planner Tool

Imagine if you could fix the Google Keyword Planner tool, and restore it back to showing you the same data that it used to give you, that made keyword research so easy and so lucrative.

I’m going to show you how you can do it today.

I had to share this with you because this is probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen in the digital marketing and SEO industry.

This could be a game changer for everybody.

Keyword Research Gone Bad?

Remember a year or two ago Google changed the way the Keyword Planner worked?

The removed, or at least berried the data we relied on for keyword research.

Things like the exact search volume, cost per click information and completion volume.

This made things very difficult for digital marketers who created content and invested time in SEO.

If nothing, Google can be cruel.

So let’s restore it back to its former glory.

Imagine if you could get the Google Keyword Planner tool working like it used to, in the next few minutes.

It won’t cost you a penny and you won’t have to do anything technical either.

I’m going to show you how to do it.

What Data Do We Need?

Along with the infinite number of keyword suggestions that the Google Keyword Planner will give you,  you will now be able to see the exact search volume for every keyword, the exact cost per click, and the exact competition levels.

But is more than an alternative to the Google Keyword Planner tool. Its like taking the planner with you everywhere you go online.

Sounds strange, right? I’ll explain more in a minute.

But you probably already seen pretty decent alternatives come along over the last year or so.

Websites like Keyword Finder, UberSuggestKeywordShitter etc, and these are really good options.

But this is this is so much more.

This is what we have been waiting.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a free browser extension for Firefox and Chrome.

It will take your keyword research to the next level.

So open your browser now and let’s go install it.

Keywords Everywhere - Keywords Research Tool

When you’ve got it up and running go to Google and search for something related to your niche.

The instant you start typing the extension will start working.

It will automatically generate keyword data for that specific phrase, it will give you the exact monthly search volume, cost per click, and the competition level.

Google Keywords

How crazy good is that?

And it does all this in real time.

That means you don’t have to jumping around on different websites to try and get accurate data about  a keyword or phrase.

This tool will give you all the information you need when you need it most.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Fixing The Google Keyword Planner Tool

The Keywords Everywhere extension works with a wide range of websites including the Google Adsense Keyword Planner.

This is amazing.

Try this when you have the extension installed; sign into Adwords and go to the Keyword Planner tool – just like we used to do a year ago.

Now search for a keyword that’s relevant to your niche or the piece of content you’re creating.

And now immediately, we have all the data that we’re supposed to have, just like we used to before Google cruelly took it away from us.

Google Keyword Planner Tool

Again we can see all the important data that we need for every single keyword.

Can we all breathe a collective sigh of relief, that we can now go back to doing proper keyword research the way it’s supposed to be done?

But something occurred to me while I’ve been messing around with this tool today.

Maybe this extension has actually made things better than they were before.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned a second ago, you can use this on other websites.

You can use it on Amazon when you’re looking for product ideas, you can use it on YouTube when you’re looking for content creation ideas, you can use it on eBay, on KeywordShitter, on Moz Site Explorer, Majestic, UberSuggest, AnswerThePublic, and a few other websites too.

This means you no longer have to jump around using different research tools to find lucrative keywords and phrases in your niche.

You’ve now got everything in one place, no matter where you’re looking for opportunities.

Hopefully you can see that anyone can do this, and it has probably made keyword research even easier than it used to be – before Google messed with their Keyword Planner tool.

Now anyone can easily get the data that they need to help guide them towards making the right decisions for their business.

Marketing on Slack

The Traffic Source Nobody is Talking About: Marketing on Slack

Marketing on Slack

Today is Traffic Tuesday – the best day of the week because I get to share some awesome traffic generation strategies with you.

I’m going to show you a little known traffic generation strategy and this is really top secret stuff.

It’s a completely underused strategy that nobody is talking about.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone share this stuff before.

And it’s really great for quick bursts of traffic to your website, so if you’ve just published a new post and you want an influx of traffic straight away this is the strategy to use.

We’re going to use Slack communities to drive traffic to our websites.

What Is Slack?

Slack, if you’re not aware of it, is a chat tool for teams that allows collaboration between similar minded people.

Some of the communities on Slack have thousands of members, with hundreds of people active at any one time.

And what’s more is, Slack is fully searchable.

That means anything that you contribute now will be accessible long after you posted it, and it will be found by future users.

Using this strategy you’re going to get an initial burst of traffic, and then you will get a steady trickle in the following days and weeks and months to come.

Slack is primarily for creating your own channels and inviting people to your specific channel so you can collaborate on projects together, but today we’re going to join other people’s channels and add value to them.

How To Do Marketing on Slack

Slack Communities

We need to find relevant Slack channels that we can add value to.

To find the right channels to join we can go to a website called SlowFile.

And then choose from a wide variety of niches, they’ve got practically everything covered.

Then take a look through the channels choose one that you’d like to join and request an invite.

Invite Slack Group

Then you’ll be able to join that community and add value to the group very quickly.

Along side the valuable and insightful contributions that you make, you will have an opportunity to promote your stuff too.

But before you go ahead and start contributing, I’ve got points for you to consider.

Best Practices for Marketing on Slack

Take the time to get to know the communities first, before you start promoting your content.

Answer questions and provide helpful insights, and don’t spam the group.

A good approach is to use your content as a way to deliver additional information to people who need help. Think of your content as a resource people can go to for more detail on a topic.

So provide helpful answers in the chat. and then say something like “if you want more information about this, I have a blog post you can read here”.

And that is a very effective, and ethical way to drive traffic to your website.

As you can see, it’s really easy to do anyone can use this to drive traffic to the website.

Final Thoughts About Slack Marketing

Remember you don’t have to join just one community, you can join multiple groups to promote and deliver value across a bunch different groups.

In fact, each community has its own channels within that group, so you have almost unlimited potential here.

It’s an amazing way to drive traffic to your website, if you are prepared to spend the time to get to know the community first. Don’t just see it as a way to get traffic for free without giving anything first – you have to give genuine value too.

The results you get from one channel on one group might not set your world on fire, but imagine if you joined 5 groups and applied this strategy.

I mean, the marketing section alone has got 50 groups available, with hundreds of channels to join.

So you can see how you can quickly drive large volumes of traffic to your website using this strategy.

And its so simple that anyone can do it.

How to start a podcast for free

How to Start a Podcast for Free

How to start a podcast for free
How to start a podcast for free

Today I’m going to show you the easy way to start a podcast. Then I’m going to show you how you can put it on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify – all for free.

I’ve made this so simple anyone can do it.

So no matter what kind of experience you have, even it’s absolutely none that’s fine, because by the end of this post you’re going to be able to start your own podcast and reach more people and grow a larger audience.

I’m also going to show you how you can start podcast free.

We’re not gonna do any tech stuff, there’s no software to learn and you don’t have to pay any hosting fees.

And you’ve probably already got everything you need to get started.

On top of all that I’ll show you how you can get your podcast on high traffic podcast directories.

A Look at my Podcast Stats

Before we get into it, just to prove that this stuff works and podcasting is a good idea for your business I’m going to show you some of the stats of my own podcast growth.

Now I’m not setting the world on fire and there’s nothing to write home about – it’s still early days for me.

But these stats show the process and it shows how the growth happens over time when you are consistent with your content.

I’m using a podcast host called Libsyn for this, but you don’t have to.

There’s a free alternative that you can use, and in fact it might even be better than Libsyn and I’m giving serious consideration to moving over to it.

Anyway let’s have a look at the stats.

We start with the first week of February, which got less than 20 listeners.

February peaks at 50 listeners for the second week and then it dips back down.

But the first week of March starts with 116 listeners, it peaks at 154 and then it dips down again.

Then April starts with 99 listeners for the first week, and it ends with 205.

So we can see how it’s growing from week to week.

Some weeks the numbers are up and some weeks the numbers are down, and that’s okay because over time everything is moving in the right direction.

The audience is steadily increasing over time.

Now if we take a step back and we zoom out to take a look at the bigger picture, we can see that this consistent growth every month.

Check this out.

January had 57 listeners for the entire month.

February had a total of 106 and March had 447.

And in April things start to get interesting, with almost 700 listeners for the month.

In four months we go from around 50 listeners per month almost 700 per month.

And that number is going to continue growing because this is the compounding nature of content marketing.

But let me make it really clear – this is organic growth.

Minimal Podcast Promotion

This traffic is mainly coming from podcast directories as people search for the topics that my podcast is about and problems that they need help with.

I’m not paying to advertise and I’m not even promoting the podcast to my email list.

However I do put every episode of the podcast on my website, but it has to compete with my videos and it has to compete with my blog posts too.

You see, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to promotion.

But that’s a good thing for you because means that even with a minimal amount of promotion you can do this too.

So even by doing practically no promotion at all, you can grow your audience consistently over time if you follow a few basic rules – which I’ll get into in a few minutes.

Just imagine what kind of results you could be seeing if you put in just a bit more effort than I do.

You do have to be consistent and you have to be of service to your niche those are the two main points you need to know and I’ll give you some more tips in a second.

But how do you set up a podcast for free?

How to Start a Podcast for Free

I’m going to assume that you don’t want to spend money on hosting and I’m going to assume that you’re just dipping your toe into the water and you’re not sure if podcasting is for you or not.

So I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

We’re going to use a website called Anchor – and they actually have an app too, so you can also make podcasts on your phone if you want to.

So let’s head over to and the first thing that you need to do is decide on a name for your podcast.

I would encourage you to make it something descriptive and something that says what you’re all about.

You’ll also have to give it a brief description and choose a category.

Once you’re all set up with an account you can then record your podcast directly on the app.

That means we don’t need any software or have to do any tech stuff.

If you don’t want to record your podcast directly on the app or if you’ve recorded it elsewhere, you can upload that too.

SEO Your Podcast

Next you’ll have to give your podcast episode a good title and a description.

Remember to SEO you title and SEO your description because this is how people are going to find you in the podcast directories.

So be aware of the keywords that you use, and a little bit of keyword research wouldn’t do any harm.

I’ve made a range of videos, podcasts and blog posts about niche and keyword research but I strongly recommend KWFinder because its free and easy to use. It tells you exactly what phrases your audience are using to find content like yours.

Once you’ve got your title and description sorted out, the second you hit ‘publish’ the Anchor app will then let you distribute the podcast to iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and a few other podcast directories, for free.

How awesome is that?

And that’s all there is to it, your podcast is live. See? Anyone can do this stuff.

Of course we can get fancy later on if we want to add transitions and bumpers – but the important thing is to get started.

Start Podcasting, Right Now

To help you avoid overwhelm, I don’t want to give you too much information today, so I want you to just get cracking with this and make your first podcast.

Try it out, see what happens and remember that no one’s going to hear your early podcast episodes for a while anyway, so it’s okay to make mistakes and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

The important thing is to get started because it’s gonna take you a few months to get some traction, unless you’re planning to advertise on a large-scale and you have a budget setup that allows you to do that.

So this is certainly enough to get you started today.

Now I’m going to give you some tips that I mentioned earlier.

Podcast on Something You Feel Passionate About

So first of all choose a topic that you feel passionate about.

This is really important because when you choose a topic that you feel passionate about it will resonate with your audience.

They will be able to clearly see how you feel about it, how special that topic is to you, and they’ll be able to feel your passion.

It’s authentic.

And you’ll be able to engage your audience as a result.

You’ll also really cut through all the noise of everyone else in that niche, and you’ll stand out against the ever growing horde of competitors who are only podcasting for monetary gain.

Do Research for Your Podcast Episodes

Its essential to do some research before you hit the record button.

Take the time to really cover all the different angles about your topic and take down some notes.

Your notes will also allow you have some structure, and determines how your episode will flow.

I do exactly the same thing, I always have Evernote open in front of me while I’m recording.

Using your notes as a structure allow stops you from forgetting important talking points, and it stops you from getting too far lost in your own thoughts, rambling, or losing focus.

My notes keep me focused so I don’t divert too far outside the realms of what I want to talk about.

Choose a Podcasting Schedule

Another tip; choose a schedule and stick to it.

You have to be consistent.

That means if you’re going to publish a podcast episode every week then make sure that it’s the same day every week.

If you’re going to publish every day then upload it at around the same time every day.

This is how you make it consistent and your audience will know when to expect each episode.

Let me say; the more you upload and the more content you put out, there the faster you will grow.

So if you’re uploading every week then you would generally expect a slower growth than if you are uploading every day.

Personally, for my podcast I try to upload at least three times a week.

Sometimes I hit that target and sometimes I don’t, but hopefully my audience knows to expect fresh content from me on a very frequent and regular basis.

Forget the Podcast Stats

As difficult as it might be for you, I’d encourage you to forget the stats – ignore them, at least for a little while.

I’d say; spend a couple of months just focusing on creating content and being of service to your niche – and don’t worry about what’s working and what’s not working yet.

Let’s be honest, most things online will appear like it’s not working at first.

So just focus on churning out awesome content, the kind of content that would have been of massive benefit to you if you, back when you were first starting out in your niche.

Listen, I know all too well how focusing on how many listeners are you’re getting can just make you feel lousy.

I know what it feels like because when I first started podcasting and creating YouTube videos, whenever I looked at the stats I would just I feel like giving up because so few people were interested in what I was doing.

And truthfully, I still have days where I feel like that – frequently, maybe once a week.

On the days when I feel like that, I just ignore the stats and I don’t look at them until I start to feel good about things again.

My focus becomes entirely about creating content that my audience needs.

So ignore the stats, they’ll mess with your head a little bit in the early stages.

And then when you’ve been going for a few months have a look and see what kind of content is popular with your audience, and then do more of that.

Be Yourself

The last tip I’ve got for you is to be yourself.

Just be natural.

I know it’s hard to ‘be natural’ when there’s a microphone in front of you and the record button is flashing.

So imagine that you’re talking to a really good friend.

Then the best version of you will come forward for your audience.

Now when it comes to shooting videos and recording podcast I’m always on my own.

There’s no one else in the room, and it’s just me and my audience.

That gives me the freedom to really be myself because I imagine that I’m talking to a really good friend.

And that’s how I view my audience, I view my audience as the kind of people that I would naturally be friends with.

Because we have a shared interest and a shared mission, we would naturally gravitate towards each other and be friends anyway.

So knowing that allows me to be my natural self.

When you start recording your podcast imagine that you’re sat with a friend and you’re explaining things to them about your topic.

It makes your voice warmer and welcoming, it helps make the tone of your voice upbeat and happy, and it puts you in a positive mood which comes across on air.

Final Thoughts About Podcasting

So that’s about it from me, this is a topic that I haven’t given much time to on Profit Copilot so I don’t know if it’s on interest to my specific audience.

But if you want more about podcasting then let me know and I will be happy to return to this topic and share more ideas with you.

For example I could tell you about the equipment that I use.

When it comes to equipment you don’t really need much, and you can actually start with your phone because that’s good enough to get up and running with.

The important thing is to start podcasting.

If you want more information such as step-by-step tutorials on how I create my own podcasts, how I find content, and the little tricks of the trade that I’ve picked up I’ll create another post with those.

If that’s something that would benefit then leave a comment below and I will help you to take the next step forward in your podcasting journey.

Hopefully you’ve seen that you can do this, I’ve given you a solid podcasting strategy that anyone can use to get up and running, literally within minutes.

Have fun.

How to Share Content with Millions of People

How to Share Content with Millions of People

How to Share you Content with Millions of People
How to Share you Content with Millions of People

Today is traffic Tuesday and I’m going to show you how you can literally put your content in front of millions of eyeballs.

This is really easy, it’s really simple and anyone can do this.

It’s the best day of the week because I get to show you some awesome traffic strategies to help you grow your website and grow your business.

This is an incredibly powerful strategy, and it’s one that I have just recently discovered myself, so I thought I had to share it with you.

Works for Every Niche

Now, it doesn’t matter what your niche is, you’re going to discover channels that have millions of views and are relevant to your niche.

These high traffic channels are the perfect place to put your content on.

For example, the DIY channel has 2 million views, e-learning has 3 million views, the health channel has 6 million views, and the gaming channel has 8 million views.

And that’s just the very tip of the iceberg.

As you can see, we’re dealing with popular sources of traffic.

That means you can drive large volumes of traffic to your website for free.

It’s a website called and it’s a content curation platform.

Expert Content Curation

Industry experts and authority figures use this from almost every niche you can image, and they share the best content from their niches. allows you to put your content in front of those experts for them to share. This is content curation.

Some channels have massive followings and anyone can create their own channel.

The digital marketing channel alone has almost 3 million views, so that’s a substantial amount of people who crave that type of content.

I’m going to show you how to use to drive traffic to your website.

Today you’ll learn how to publish your content on there, I’ll also show you how to save time by publishing your content across multiple social media platforms with one click, and I’ll also show you exactly how to put your content in front of the biggest names on the platform.

So by the end of this post you’ll know exactly how to drive large volumes of traffic to your website and I’m going to show you how to do it for free, providing that you have awesome content to begin with.

So let’s head over to and create a free account.

Sharing Your First Scoop

Once you’ve chosen unique and added a few keywords you can then add your first scoop.

Its real easy; just paste in a link to some of your content and click the button.

Now it’s going to take a few seconds for the platform to retrieve your content but another powerful feature allows you to publish to multiple social media profiles at once.

You can choose which social media accounts you want to publish your content on, all at the same time.

So you can choose a Facebook profile, Facebook pages, your Twitter account, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Buffer and I think there’s a few more too.

So how do you put your content in front of the popular experts and authority figures in your niche?

Sharing with Experts

Again this is ridiculously easy.

First of all, you’ll want to choose a high-traffic channel relevant to your niche.

On that channel scroll down to find people who are publishing frequently and have a look at their profile.

On their profile you can see the channels that they have created.

Choose a relevant channel with a large following, and at the top of the page you will see a ‘suggest’ field.

Paste a link to your content in there and then hit the button.

Now your chosen expert will see your suggestion, and they might share it with their audience if its good enough.

And the great thing about this; when they share your content, their followers also tend to share that piece of content across their platforms too.

This is a really good way to go viral in your niche.

Best Practices

Obviously this is a powerful strategy that’s easy to use and anyone can do.

But before you run off to start promoting your content, let me give you some points to consider.

This is going to make sure that get you the best results.

First of all; only share high value content that is relevant to the channels you contribute to.

Make sure that your content is absolutely shareable, that its top-notch and it’s something that people really do want to read or it solves a specific problem.

Then be consistent.

You have to have a regular curation schedule.

So bring this into your marketing mix and make it part of your daily or weekly routine.

And then finally add unique insights to your Scoops, and SEO them.

Google can pick on this content too, so add a piece of original content in there and make sure that you SEO it just like you would with any other piece of content.

And remember, this is simple – so anyone can do it, and you can do this too.

Now there’s nothing stopping you from driving large volumes of traffic to your website for free and by the end of the day you could be seeing amazing results from this strategy.

Traffic case study

Case Study: New Site Gets 50,000 Page Views For Free

Today is Traffic Tuesday and I’m gonna show you how one website manages to get 50,000 page views for free in just four months.

I love Traffic Tuesday – it’s always the best day of the week because I get to show you how to drive large volumes of traffic to your website, usually for free.

The End Result of Today’s Strategy

This week I’m going to show you how a website called iNet Solutions got over 50,000 page views in heir first four months – and they did it for free.

Then I’m going to show you how fellow blogger Matthew Woodward made over $9,000 in a single month as a result of the extra traffic he received using this exact method.

So its pretty clear that this stuff works and you can do it too.

Anyone can do this stuff – you just have to have a bit of discipline to actually do the work.

For this we’re going to use an app called BuzzBundle, and it’s more powerful than HootSuite.

Traffic from BuzzBundle

The BuzzBundle app does pretty much everything you need for social media management, but I just wish it had Instagram integration and that would make it absolutely perfect.

However, it still fills a lot of the gaps that HootSuite misses and it does work in a very similar way, with added Oomph.

HootSuite is really good for keeping an eye on mentions of your brand, but BuzzBundle lets you eavesdrop on conversations and then take part in them.

It generates an activity feed for your specific niche, based on the keywords that you choose.

Because it allows you to get involved in the conversation in this way you can promote your own content as a result.

It finds the conversations that are happening in your niche; across forums, blogs, Q&A sites, on YouTube and of course on social media sites.

It basically grabs all the relevant conversations that are happening around the web, compiles them all together, puts them right in front of you and allows you to engage and take part.

So it is pretty powerful stuff.

Now when it comes to getting traffic you’re going to have to do a bit of self-promotion and that is unavoidable.

But I’ve got a strategy for you that will allow you to promote yourself in a really cool ethical way that helps the people in your niche.

Traffic from Self-promotion

The strategy is to put your content in front of the people who need it most.

Ok that’s just common sense, right?

But I’m constantly amazed by how many people screw this up.

So put your content in front of the people who really crave that information.

Once you have each channel figured out, you’re contributing value content, you can promote yourself if each piece of content that you promote helps your audience out more than it helps you.

Let me say that again.

You can promote content as long as it helps your audience more than it helps you.

So if the payoff for your audience is bigger than the clicks you get, then I believe you are putting your audience’s needs first.

50,000 Page View Case Study

So how did iNet Solutions grow their website to 50,000 pages views in the first four months?

They did this by increasing the number of channels they were using on the BuzzBundle app.

But most importantly, and this is really key to it, they started building an email list.

They funnelled the traffic they were receiving from BuzzBundle into their own email list.

And that is how you grow a large following online – you capture the traffic and then you can share your content over and over again.

Email marketing works because it draws in the people who are the most engaged and the most likely to buy from you, the most likely to share your content and the most likely to  take part in discussions around your content.

$9,511.93 in a Month Case Study

Earlier I mentioned that Matthew Woodward made almost $10,000 in a month using this exact strategy.

So how did he do it?

Using BuzzBundle he continuously added more keywords to the app and then he funnelled all that traffic into an email list.

He built an email list around that traffic and then he monetised by promoting affiliate offers to them.

This simple strategy allowed him to make over $9,000 in just one month using.

Final Thoughts

So with all that in mind BuzzBundle might be worth having a look, at even if you use it HootSuite.

But listen, it is expensive.

They do have a free version available for the first 15 days, and then it limits the amount of conversation that you have access to, down to 30%.

Even with that 30% you can still generate huge volumes of traffic to your website for free.

So that means anyone can do this.

It’s my opinion that you shouldn’t use BuzzBundle exclusively, equally you shouldn’t use HootSuite exclusively either.

I think you need a mix of both – we have a wide variety of tools that will help us out in every situation so add this to your marketing mix.

Maybe use it alongside HootSuite or Buffer and use it to take part in conversations around the web; blog posts, forums, Q&A sites, and on YouTube.

Ultimately we need a wide spread of traffic sources to really profit and grow online.

So there you go, you can do this too. Getting traffic is the easy bit, the difficult bit is converting it into sales but that’s for another time.

How to Build Backlinks for Free

How to Build Backlinks for Free

Today I’m going to give you 8 free ways to build backlinks to your website, ethically, and only using white hat methods.

This is a good idea because obviously the more high quality backlinks your website has, the higher in the search engine results pages you begin to climb – at least that’s the theory.

You don’t have to use all of these 8 strategies, if you master just one then are you gonna do really well.


The first strategy I’m going to give you is called Newsjacking.

And this is really effective – for not only link juice, but for overall branding.

Because there is news breaking around the world, across every industry, practically every second of the day, you just find something that will relate to your audience.

You make your brand relevant to the news item.

I’m going to dive into this in a lot more detail in a separate post because it’s an incredibly powerful strategy.

Essentially, you take a piece of breaking news and you attach your brand to it and make your brand relevant to it.

A good example of this; Kate Winslet was staying on Richard Branson’s Island during storm.

Lightning struck and set the house on fire, and Kate Winslet saved Richard Branson’s mother by carrying her out of the building.

As that news broke, the London Fire Brigade caught onto it.

They jumped on board and they offered Kate Winslet firefighter training.

That story went viral because it was shareable and had an emotional hook.

And that’s 2 essential components that you need to make newsjacking work.

Content that is shareable, or even controversial, but has some emotional hook attached is best.

Newsjacking is a very effective way to get your brand out there and get backlinks as a result.


Quora and Yahoo Answers

The second strategy is to use Quora and Yahoo Answers.

Take the time to answer people’s questions on these websites and give as much detail as you can because people are asking questions here because Google has failed to find the accurate or relevant information for them.

That means you can step in and fill that gap by helping them to solve the problem.

And while you’re giving them the information that they need, also include a link to your website where they can get more information.



The third way of building backlinks is through communities.

Get involved with places like Reddit and forums in your niche.

Start networking and make contacts, because these type of communities are full of people you have natural rapport with.

Also take advantage of the ability to put a link in your forum signature.

Contribute high quality posts, become an asset to the community and occasionally provide help with a link to your website.

Obviously don’t spam, outsource or automate this process.

When you contribute helpful information it will help you to establish yourself as an authority figure and someone that they can trust.



Keeping with the authority theme, we can also use Help a Reporter Out (HARO).

This is a website that lets you connect with journalists, bloggers and influencers, people who want to interview knowledgeable authority figures experts and you can be one through that website.

It’s free to join and you will get twice daily email digests from reporters who need expert opinions.

If you’re selected they will quote you in their articles and with that comes a backlink to your website – or at the very least a mention of your website, which is almost just as good because it’s a notable mention.

And that helps your overall SEO, even if your blog is just mentioned in a news article.



The fifth strategy that I’ve got for you is repurposing content.

I do this almost every day.

You can take one of your blog posts and turn that into other formats.

For example, you could turn it into a video, or you could turn it into a podcast, or into a PDF.

No matter what format you’re repurposing content to, you can link to your website or link to the original version.

This creates another level of white hat backlinks to your website.


Guest Blogging

Then the sixth one that I’ve got for you is guest blogging.

You contribute original high-quality blog posts to other people’s websites.

Most sites will allow you to put a link to your own website either inside the article, which is what I would recommend, or in the author bio box at the bottom.

If you can get a link inside the actual body of the article and high up on the page, I would recommend you do that instead of inside the author box because it will get a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) and Google places more value on links that are higher on a page.


Blog Commenting

The seventh method that I’ve got for you is blog commenting.

This is a very common and popular method of getting backlinks to a website.

And it works really well because you steadily increase the number of backlinks to your website overtime.

If you were going to comment on other people’s blog posts I would absolutely make sure that you contribute insightful and meaningful comment.

Do not spam, do not outsource, and not automate it in anyway. Keep it real and provide high value, original content and meaningful insights and opinion that are relevant to the blog post that you’re commenting on.

Add value to the discussion.


Replace Broken Links

Now for number eight, this is the final one that I’ve got for you.

It is replace broken links.

You’re going to find broken links on other blogs that are relevant to your content.

How it works; you contact bloggers explaining that you’ve found a broken link on their website and you just happen to have a replacement.

That replacement will be a piece of your content.

To find broken links, use one of the many free backlink checkers to crawl through your favourite blogs.

It might be worth reminding the blogger that Google does not like broken links and neither will their readers, and your replacement fills that gap to keep Google and readers happy.

In a lot of instances bloggers and webmasters will be thankful to you because you’re helping them out with their SEO by delivering value.


Final Thoughts

So there you go, that’s eight free ways to build more backlinks to your website.

Hopefully you can see just how easy this stuff is, because even if you just master one of these methods you can do  well right.

Anyone can do this, no matter what level you are at and no matter what kind of experience you have.

You now have 8 strategies to easily build backlinks that steadily increases over time and get an increasingly higher position in the search engines as a result.

How to Grow an Audience Online

How to Grow an Audience Online

Today I’m going to show you how you can grow a large audience online this is really simple to do anyone can do it you can do it too.

But listen, it takes time, a bit of discipline and you need a strategy to make it work.

Does it Work?

I use this strategy myself and it’s a long term one – there are no quick results.

In the past I’ve used this to grow a large following online; 4 million hits per month to a hobby website.

And that was before the age of social media, I didn’t use paid traffic,  I didn’t have an email list, and I didn’t leverage contacts in the industry.

Eventually that website even got its own TV show the UK as a result.

So this strategy works.

Two Types of Content

I managed to grow a large following by focusing on just one thing; publishing content.

This is incredibly powerful it is a very valuable strategy and this will be responsible for the exponential growth of your website.

And the content I’m talking about falls into two categories; evergreen and topical.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content that includes; how-to posts, helpful articles that teach a new skill or solves a problem.

Its content that delivers results and is usually transitional in nature.

Evergreen content usually receives more traffic over time.

Topical Content

And then we’ve got topical content and that includes; news, trends, the latest research and statistics.

Topical content usually receives a higher traffic spike initially, then it tails off and gets less overtime.

Evergreen Content is Better

You need a mix of both content types but if you were to focus most of your time and your energy on one type of content then it has to be evergreen content.

This is what is going to grow your website.

Evergreen content is the most important because it compounds over time.

This means your domain authority will increase, and ultimately more traffic will come to your website.

Evergreen content lasts forever, and that means you will get free traffic forever.

Not only that, but when you produce evergreen content, your traffic increases month after month.

The content you create, the more traffic you get.

Kam Jennings has a really cool analogy about this.

He describes content as a fishing line.

The more lines you’ve got out there, the more fish you catch.

That’s why evergreen content creates exponential growth.

And there’s actually a formula for it, the Genius Types website experiences 44% growth every single month as a result of evergreen content.

Ao evergreen content is obviously the way to go, right?

But how do you create it and how can you add evergreen content to your own website?

I’m going to give you the strategy.

How to Make Evergreen Content

The first thing that you need to do is focus on is the publishing schedule.

And the second thing you need to do is focus on the type of keywords you target.

Ao let’s go through this in more detail.

Your Schedule

Think about your schedule; set at least one day a month, or for a night, or a week – whatever your schedule is, you gotta stick to that and create at least one piece of high-value content.

High Value Content

To make high quality content you gotta take a real deep dive into the topic.

Leave no stone unturned and give your audience everything they need to know.

Help them take action, so they can just go ahead and get the results they want.

Publishing according to your schedule is important, keeping consistency is vital here.

But not only for your visitors – consistency helps you grow a following, but it’s also important for the search engines, so they can view you as a trusted source.

When search engines view your website as reliable source they will crawl your site more frequently and you will be seen as an authority site.

Your Keywords

Once you’ve got your schedule sorted out the second thing that you need to focus on is choosing the right keywords.

I would encourage you to focus on long tail keywords.

Get really specific here, keep the keywords tight – avoid general and broad keywords.

Long tail keywords will bring more traffic to your site and it also means less competition for you.

This way you’re going to attract the right kind of traffic to your website.

This will be the people who know exactly what they’re looking for, and when you attract people who know what they want, it’s easier to deliver more value to them and bring them further into your marketing funnel.

Final Thoughts

So there you go, this is really simple stuff, right?

But it’s also incredibly powerful.

And anyone can do this, you can do this too.

It just takes time, discipline and a little bit of strategy.

Website Outreach Strategy

Website Outreach Strategy: Almost 1,000 Visitors a day for Free

Today I’m going to show you how I got almost 1,000 visitors per day, for free, to a brand new website.

This is a really cool and laid back strategy that you can use to drive serious amounts of traffic to your website.

You can just have to copy me.

I’m going to show you the actual results, you’re going to see inside Google Analytics.

And then I’m going to show you step by step how you can do it too.

So you’re going to get outstanding results.

This traffic strategy is based on outreach.

We’re going to approach bloggers and influencers, the people who share the same kind of content that we create.

Traffic Results from Outreach

But before I show you how to do it let’s have a look at the stats:

This is a look inside my Google Analytics account.

On the very first day we have zero traffic.

The second day again we have zero traffic.

But on the third day we get around 500 visitors to the website – from nothing.

Then on the fourth day we go over 750 visitors.

And then on the fifth day it starts to decline.

The traffic begins to increases slightly because I’m refining the process, and then towards the end of the fortnight we have a big spike in traffic.

Almost 1,500 visitors come to the website in a single day.

I’m starting to hit the right frequency that makes this strategy work.

We have some pretty amazing results, considering that this is a brand new website.

It’s becoming a consistent and predictable strategy to generate traffic.

There’s around 700 visitors per day to the website, without breaking a sweat.

And some days we’ve doubled that.

So how can you do this too?

It’s really easy.

What’s the Outreach Strategy?

What usually happens after you write your blog post?

You publish it and then you try and promote it, right?

Well, for this strategy to work best, I’m going to ask you to hold-off doing that just yet.

If you’re writing a blog post at the moment then resist publishing it for a few days.

But listen, I gotta warn you; it has to be a really good post to make this work.

Instead of publishing it, you find influencers and bloggers that have tweeted similar types of content to the one you’ve just created.

Then you send them an email telling them how much you loved the content that they shared – but don’t be over-the-top about it, just tell me that you found it very useful.

Next, mention that you have something similar coming out in a few days, and ask them if they would like to see it when it’s published.

Now, because they’ve already shared a similar piece of content, you know that they ARE interested in the type of content you are creating.

That means you now have a high probability that they will; firstly, read the email, and then secondly, get back in touch with you agreeing to look at your article.


Additional Outreach Considerations

It’s important to note that you’re not asking them to promote you.

You’re not being over-the-top smarmy and you’re not being pushy.

And most importantly you’re being personal – so you’re not spamming a whole bunch of influencers or bloggers.

You’ve been very personable, professional and approached them as an individual.

So when you publish your article, just send them the link.

If it’s a good piece of content then there’s a strong possibility of them promoting it for you, because they’ve done that in the past with other strong pieces of content.

Anyone can use this little strategy to drive serious amounts of traffic to their website, and you can do this too.

It’s really simple and it will take you maybe a minute or two to write and send the email.

And the potential rewards are enormous.

Pretty cool, right?

I’ve given you an actionable strategy, that is proven to work.